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Lyre's Penicillin

Lyre's Penicillin


2 Parts (60mL/ 2 Fl Oz) Lyre's American Malt
½ Part (15mL/ ½ Fl Oz) honey and ginger syrup
½ Part (15mL/ ½ Fl Oz) lemon juice
1 Part (30mL/ 1 Fl Oz) strong smoky tea (Lapsang souchong or Russian Caravan tea)

  1. Shake briefly with ice, strain over large ice cube in an "old fashioned" glass.
  2. Garnish with a ginger cube on skewer. To make Honey and Ginger Syrup, add boiling water (½ cup boiling water) to honey (¼ cup runny honey), stir to dissolve. Add ginger (1 tsp jarred ginger) and stir thoroughly, pour into bottle. Refrigerate. 

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