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Mocktail Recipes

Lyres Pink Cosmopolitan

Lyres Pink Cosmopolitan

This alcohol-free version of the iconic Cosmopolitan, a modern classic made famous as the signature cocktail on Sex and The City, is both decadent and delicious. It pairs Lyre’s Pink London Spirit, featuring rich aromas of red berries and undertones of juniper, rose and cherry, with Lyre’s Orange Sec, a non-alcoholic alternative to Cointreau. The sweet citrus and berry notes combine with lime, cranberry and strawberry, creating a gorgeous blush-pink mocktail that perfectly balances sweet and tart. Serve in a coupette and garnish with orange zest. 

45ml Lyre's Pink London Spirit
15ml Lyre's Orange Sec
15ml lime juice
30ml cranberry juice
7.5ml premium strawberry syrup
Lemon twist (place inside shaker)
  1. Hard shake with ice, fine strain.
  2. Serve in a coupette. Garnish with orange zest.

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