Mocktail Recipes

Non-alcoholic punch jar next to a bottle of Lyre's Dry London Spirit and a bottle of Lyre's Italian Orange

This gin mocktail is made for sipping while gazing down on the Amalfi Coast, or at least imagining you are. The mocktail drink is perfect served with citrus slices such like pink grapefruit and lemon. The result is a fresh and zesty fruit mocktail flavour, just made for sunny afternoons with friends.

120 ml Lyre's Dry London Spirit
120 ml Lyre's Italian Orange
300 ml Strangelove Soda Water
3 x Pink Grapefruit slices
4 x Lemon slices
  1. Mix the spirits and in a carafe or jug
  2. Add grapefruit and lemon slices and stir
  3. Top with Soda


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