Mocktail Recipes

Tarocco Highball Mocktail in a tall glass filled with ice and garnished with orange slices next to a bottle of Lyre’s Italian Orange and a bottle of Lyre’s Apéritif Rosso

This appetizing mocktail is named for the Sicilian Tarocco orange, whose flavours and crimson colour is reflected in the drink. Perfect to serve as an apéritif, it combines Lyre’s Italian Orange and Apéritif Rosso, non-alcoholic alternatives to Aperitif and Vermouth Rosso respectively. The mocktail has slightly bitter blood orange notes which are balanced out by the smoothness of the vanilla and the crisp, dry finish of the premium tonic water. Refreshing and delicious, simply garnish with a blood orange wheel and a sprig of mint. Enjoy!

30 ml Lyre’s Italian Orange
30 ml Lyre’s Apéritif Rosso
5 ml premium vanilla syrup (not vanilla essence)
30 ml blood orange juice
75 ml Strangelove Tonic No 8
  1. Build over ice and stir.
  2. Garnish with blood a orange wheel and a plump mint sprig.

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