Mocktail Recipes

Collins gin mocktail next to a bottle of Lyre's white cane spirit

This simple but elegant rum mocktail is an alcohol free version of a James Bond favourite that made its debut in Thunderball, starring Sean Connery. Sweet and simple, this mocktail drink is the perfect refreshment on a hot day. Simply stir Lyre's White Cane Syrup, white sugar syrup, lemon juice and soda together in a Collins or highball glass and finish it off with a slice of lemon. 

60 ml White Cane Spirit
15 ml white sugar syrup (1:1)*
30 ml lemon juice
90 ml Strangelove Soda Water
  1. Fill a Collins or Highball glass with ice,
  2. Pour ingredients into the glass,
  3. Stir & garnish with lemon wedge. *To make Sugar Syrup combine 50 grams of sugar with 50 ml of warm water in a jar and shake to dissolve.

    A slightly sweeter version of the classic Collins which dates back to 1933. 

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