Mocktail Recipes

Bottle of Mr. Consistent Mulled Wine mix next to a mug of mulled non-alcoholic wine garnished with orange slices

With a history dating back millenia to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, mulled wine - a delicious warm, spiced wine - spread in popularity as the Romans conquered Europe in the 2nd Century. These days, it’s a staple in colder climates, particularly during the festive season. This Christmas mocktail combines Mulled Wine mix, delivering flavours of nutmeg, cinnamon, aniseed and black forest jam, with Newblood’s robust and full-bodied non-alcoholic Shiraz. It’s a delicious taste of Christmas, and the perfect drink for a cold winter’s night. Garnish with a stick of cinnamon or dehydrated orange wheel and enjoy.

60ml of Mr. Consistent Mulled Wine mix
120ml of NEWBLOOD non-alcoholic Shiraz
Cinnamon Stick
  1. Pour 60ml of Mr. Consistent Mulled Wine mix into a mug.
  2. Add 120ml of NEWBLOOD non-alcoholic Shiraz, stir and garnish with a cinnamon stick.
  3. This can also be served warm.

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