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Mocktail Recipes

Nine Elms Sangria Mocktail

Nine Elms Sangria Mocktail

There’s so much to love about Sangria, and this delicious non-alcoholic version will not disappoint. Made with Nine Elms No. 18, an aromatic and sophisticated blend of berry juices and botanicals, and complemented with fresh fruit, spices and premium ginger ale, this mocktail is bursting with flavour. Perfect for entertaining over summer. Serve in a jug and enjoy!

A bottle of NINE ELMS No.18
Ripe strawberries sliced into thin rounds across the core (at least 12, but use as many as you like)
Watermelon (seedless or seeds removed) sliced into small wedges about 5mm thick
A juicy peach or nectarine – stone removed and thinly sliced
A cinnamon quill
2 Star Anise
An Orange for twisting
Strangelove Dry Ginger Ale
  1. Place the strawberries, watermelon and peach in a large bowl.
  2. Add the cinnamon and star anise.
  3. Pour in the whole bottle of Nine Elms.
  4. Twist a strip of orange peel over the bowl and drop its fragrant loveliness into the concoction.
  5. Pop the lot in the fridge to steep for at least an hour, but better left for up to 4 hours.
  6. Decant the liquid and fruit into a large jug, filling to just over half-way.
  7. Top with dry ginger ale.
  8. Stir gently then serve in punch or wine glasses making sure to include a good amount of the steeped fruit.
  9. Garnish with another orange twist.

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