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Old Fashioned Rum Mocktail in a rock glass with a clear ice block

This take on the Old Fashioned, an iconic whiskey mocktail, features Ovant Royal at its core - a layered and complex non-alcoholic dark spirit that captures the sweetness of rum and the smokiness of whiskey. Demerara syrup adds sweetness with subtle toasty caramel notes, and the bitters balance the blend, adding notes of citrus. Served on the rocks with a garnish of orange zest, this rum mocktail is decadent and memorable.

90ml Ovant Royal
15ml Demerara Syrup
1 dash Orange Bitters
Orange Zest
Clear Ice Block
  1. Pour the ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir for 5 seconds.
  2. Strain into a rocks glass filled with a clear ice block.
  3. Garnish with an orange zest.

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