Mocktail Recipes

Gin and tonic mocktail garnished with seasonal fruit and rosemary sprigs next to a bottle of Clovendoe Sprout

Exotic flavours from the Middle East swirl through this gin mocktail recipe. You’ll taste and smell earthy and flowery flavours like liquorice root, star anise, organic rose petals and cinnamon. Strong yet delicately subtle. Pink peppercorn and juniper berries add some zest to the herby tastes of coriander and grapefruit. We recommend adding tonic water or soda over ice. Garnish with seasonal fruit like peach or nectarine.

60ml SPROUT 
Seasonal fruit
Strangelove Soda Water
  1. Fill up a tall glass with lots of ice and pour 60ml SPROUT
  2. Top up with soda
  3. Garnish with seasonal fruit of choice. Our choice is peach.

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