Mocktail Recipes

Claytons Power Screwdriver mocktail

The traditional Screwdriver cocktail reportedly got its name from American oil workers in the Persian Gulf who would add a little vodka to their orange juice, and in the absence of a spoon would mix their drink with the hand tool. This non-alcoholic version, the Power Screwdriver, replaces vodka with Clayton’s Kola Tonic, a zesty beverage with flavours of bittersweet citrus and woody, nutty kola nuts. Balanced with the tang of classic orange juice, this unique and refreshing mocktail shines for its simplicity and complexity of flavours. Simply mix together with ice and garnish with orange peel.

Claytons Kola Tonic
Orange Juice
  1. Mix1 part Claytons and 2 parts orange juice with ice.

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