Mocktail Recipes

Bottle of StrangeLove Light Tonic Water above a classic gin and tonic mocktail in a glass with a single large ice cube

The Gin and Tonic is undoubtedly an iconic drink. This version of the classic mocktail pairs Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll, which captures the essence of a true Dry London gin delivering notes of juniper and citrus, with a premium, super-dry Indian tonic water. The tonic has a delicate citrus profile which helps lift the spirit without overpowering it, creating a refreshing summer drink that works perfectly as a solo sip or for entertaining guests. To garnish, bruise a sprig of rosemary and stir your drink, infusing hints of delicious aromatic oils.

50ml Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll
A Sprig of Rosemary
100 ml StrangeLove Light Tonic Water
  1. Pour 50 ml of Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll into a frosty glass, top with 100 ml StrangeLove Light Tonic Water, and place ice on top.
  2. Bruise your sprig to release its oils.

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