Mocktail Recipes

Gin mocktail in a glass filled ice and garnished with bay leaves

Bay leaf and vanilla is a classic flavour profile that is both sweet and comforting. Add to Vera gin along with soda for a delicious alternative to more classic gin drinks. Simply build over ice and serve with a fresh bay leaf. 

50 ml Vera Ginø⁠
20 ml Bay leaf & Vanilla cordial⁠⁠
Top with Strangelove Soda Water
  1. Build over ice and serve with a fresh bay leaf in a highball glass.⁠
*To make the bay leaf & vanilla cordial, tear a bunch of bay leaves into small pieces and put them into a mason jar along with 200g of caster sugar and 300g of water. Allow this to infuse for a minimum of 12 hours at room temperature. Shake occasionally while it infuses to extract more of the bay leaf flavour.⁠

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