Mocktail Recipes

Gin mocktail garnished with orange skin

For an exotic twist on your usual gin drink, try making your own orange and saffron syrup and honey syrup. The result is a sweet, warming mocktail with a Mediterranean influence. Serve in a glass with ice and an orange coin, which you can make by cutting the orange peel into circles.

30 ml Vera Winter Spell⁠
20 ml orange & saffron cordial⁠⁠
10 ml honey 2:1 syrup⁠⁠
Top with Stangelove Dry Ginger Ale
  1. Build over ice and serve with a orange coin⁠ in a highball glass.
⁠*Orange & Saffron cordial

After squeezing orange juice for your breakfast, use the leftover orange peels for your Orange & Saffron cordial. Place them into a bowl and pour sugar over the peels along with a pinch of saffron. Muddle 250g of caster sugar into the citrus peels to release their oils. Cover and let sit overnight in a cool place. The next morning, add 350g of water and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Let the mixture rest for an hour or so. Strain the liquid through a coffee filter and add 4g of citric acid to taste.⁠

*Honey syrup

Mix 200g of honey with 100g of hot water until completely combined.⁠

For your cocktail

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