8 New Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Discover Now

Aug 22, 2021

It's such an exciting time for the non-alcoholic drinks market with new alcohol free beers, wines and spirits being released on an almost weekly basis. Here are 8 products that I have added to my shop in the last few weeks. 

New Pentire Gin Mocktail and map

There are so many new non-alcoholic products in the Sans Drinks store that you may have missed some! 

Let me walk you through some of the stand out additions.  


1. Ms Sans Twist & Shout Citrus (Gin Substitute)

The taste: Ms Sans Twist & Shout Citrus is a gin substitute for a classic citrus style gin and it features juniper notes with a blend of aromatic citrus from orange, lemon and grapefruit.

Worth noting: Vegan friendly and contains no artificial sweeteners, making it ideal for healthy-inspired gin mocktails.

2. Hellfire (pink alt-gin) 


The taste: Crafted with juniper and citrus botanicals and balanced with ripe notes of juicy Tasmanian blackcurrants, the complex flavour profile includes a hint of Szechuan pepper and pimento on the finish. 

Worth noting: Made in Australia 

3. NON 7 - Stewed Cherry & Coffee


The taste: Reminiscent of a dry Lambrusco, this full bodied and subtly spiced wine alternative is rich in dark fruits. Flavours feature sour cherry, spice and undertones of cold brew coffee

Worth noting: Low in calories, vegan, gluten free and Halal. 

4. V.No Sparkling Wine

The taste: This premium South Australian sparkling wine is crisp and refreshing with a well-balanced citrus flavour. 

Worth noting: Vegan, gluten free, low in sugar and only 26 calories per 100ml. 

5. Finery Sparkling Cocktail - Grapefruit Cucumber & Mint


The taste: This ready-to-drink mocktail features bittersweet grapefruit, bright minty cucumber, aromatic extracts and premium soda. 

Worth noting: Vegan friendly and free from sugar, carbs and gluten.

6. Bitburger Drive 0.0

The taste: This German beer has sweet honey and gingerbread aromas and notes of ripe cereal grains and bittersweet herbs. With a delicate tingly fresh taste, the finish is bittersweet and malty

Worth noting: At 22 calories per 100ml it is significantly lighter than traditional beer.

7. Corona Cero

The taste: With the same great taste as the original Corona, this alcohol-free beer is full of flavour. Best served with a slice of lime, Corona Cero is refreshing and crisp.

Worth noting: Best served with a wedge of lime. 

8. Snorkeler's Sea Salt IPA

The taste: The addition of Baltic Sea Salt gives this a unique salty tang that is complemented by the soft, fruity aftertaste and a slight bitterness.

Worth noting: Beautifully packaged for an elevated drinking experience.  

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