All About La Gioiosa Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine

Nov 15, 2021

La Gioiosa zero alcohol sparkling wine is produced by one of one of Italy's leading Prosecco and sparkling wine producers.
A bottle of La Gioiosa at a table set up with flowers

While La Gioiosa is a well known and respected brand in Italy, they're not yet a household name here in Australia. I wanted to find out more, so I had a chat with Noemi Gallina, La Gioiosa's export specialist.

Who is behind the La Gioiosa winery? 

"La Gioiosa represents the tradition of winemaking, which the Moretti Polegato family have been carrying out for three generations, and it is in perfect symbiosis with the land of Prosecco and the Montello and Piave wines.

The very name pays tribute to the old definition of the province of Treviso, Marca Gioiosa et Amorosa (Joyous and Amorous March) underlining the sociable lifestyle of its inhabitants.

La Gioiosa is a name that is immediately associated with the typical wines of the Treviso area, and it represents a modern company that offers excellent quality."

A glass of La Gioiosa non alcoholic sparkling wine

Why was it important to add an alcohol free wine to the La Gioiosa range?

"There are more and more people who prefer to drink non-alcoholic beverages - it's an international trend and La Gioiosa brand wanted to acknowledge that by producing a non-alcohol wine."

Can you tell me about La Gioiosa Zero Alcohol Sparkling?

"The feedback from our customers has been really positive, they like the taste and the packaging too. It is modern and attractive.

Zero Alcohol La Gioiosa won an award at the People’s Choice Wine Awards in the Mindful Drinking category."

What is special or different about La Gioiosa Zero Alcohol Sparkling?

"We believe the main special characteristic of this product, as well as for the other La Gioiosa products, is the bond with our territory. In fact, we produce this product from the Glera grapes, the same ones used for the Prosecco production, which is our DNA." 

La Gioiosa Zero Alcohol Sparkling


The taste: Made with Italian Glera grapes, this pale straw-coloured sparkling wine is fresh and aromatic, featuring flavours of apple, peach, and elderflower.

Worth noting: This wine is also vegan and only 22 calories per 100ml. 

What customers are saying: "Great prosecco alternative."  

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