Everything you need to know about Ms Sans Mocktails

Feb 09, 2022

Ms Sans is my new pre-mixed mocktail collection. So far, they are available in Margarita, Mojito and Cosmopolitan and they've been really well received by Sans Drinks customers. There have been a lot of questions too - so I put this guide together to answer them for you.
Three bottles of Ms Sans Premixed Alcohol Free drinks and two mocktails on a table

Why did you create Ms Sans? 

I've always loved a well-made mocktail. There is just something magical about the perfect blend of ingredients - it's more than a drink - it's an experience. 

While there are a couple of different cocktail mixers on the market, my customers were confused about the best non-alcoholic spirits to make them with. For some mocktails, you need several spirit alternatives, and then the price starts to climb. 

I wanted to make a mocktail with the non-alcoholic spirits already added. And so Ms Sans was born. Each mocktail in the collection has been pre-mixed to perfection so you can serve them with minimum fuss. 

Is Ms Sans really low in calories? 

Yes. All of the Ms Sans mocktails are under 19 calories per 100mls, meeting the Australian Food Standards guidelines for low-calorie beverages. Ms Sans is also naturally sweetened with fruit extract and contains no added refined sugar. 

A happy Sans Drinks customer holding a bottle of Ms Sans Margarita and a margarita mocktail

It was really important to me to create a mocktail that is low in calories as well as alcohol-free. Since opening Sans Drinks I have discovered that wanting to reduce calorie intake is one of the top reasons customers are choosing non-alcoholic drinks. It makes sense - alcohol is linked to an array of negative health outcomes while cutting back yields many benefits. For many of us, a healthy lifestyle includes reducing empty calories and sugar. 

Are there going to be more Ms Sans Mocktails? 

Yes. I started with my three favourite mocktails; Margarita, Mojito and Cosmopolitan and I've been blown away at the response. While I was confident that I was on to something (I've learned a lot about drink trends over the last 18 months) I wasn't expecting Ms Sans to fly off the shelves quite as quickly as they have. 

I'm really excited about the future of Ms Sans - one day I'll have an alcohol-free version of all the global classics. The next release will include Espresso Martini and Passion fruit Caprisoka. 

What are customers saying about Ms Sans Mocktails? 

The feedback has been incredible! Here are some of the reviews. 

Dem: "What a wonderful drop! Such a great alternative to alcoholic margaritas. I tasted this with my family and no one knew it was alcohol-free. It's sweet but not too sweet and so zesty! Perfect for summer."

Jo: "I absolutely loved the ease and deliciousness of Ms Sans Margarita <3 We didn't need to add anything, yet had this beautiful refreshing, zesty, complex-tasting cocktail in our hands in moments! I've found that a lot of non-alco drinks are very sweet and just end up tasting like a simple sugary soft drink, but this had that great tartness that you want from a Marg."

Jacinta: "Ms Sans Cosmo is absolutely delicious!! I can't believe that it is alcohol-free AND low in sugar!" 

A happy Sans Drinks customer next to a bottle of Ms Sans Margarita and holding a margarita mocktail

Kate: "Really enjoyed this pre mix cosmopolitan mix, very tart and fresh and easy as it is all in one." 

Lauren: "One of the most accurate tasting n/a cocktails I’ve had since I stopped drinking. Always loved a good mojito, so it was nice to have one again. I really loved that although it’s low sugar, it didn’t have the aftertaste that a lot of the other low sugar cocktails have."

Nat: "I had it straight out the bottle, no embellishments except ice. It has a lovely mouthfeel that you honestly think it's the real deal. Refreshing, not too sweet and with a little bite to it." 

What is the best way to serve a Ms sans mocktail? 

Ms Sans was specifically created to enable Sans Drinks customers to make cocktail bar quality mocktails at home, without the need for multiple ingredients. With that in mind, the ideal way to serve them is very simple. 

Having said that, there are multiple ways that you can shake things up. 

Ms Sans Margarita


Best served: Add 125mls of Ms Sans Margarita to a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice. Shake well and then strain into a salt-rimmed glass. 

Try this: Ms Sans Spicy Margarita Mocktail

If you like your Margarita with an extra kick, this Jalapeno based mocktail ticks all the boxes. 

A happy Sans Drinks customer drinking a Ms Sans Cosmopolitan mocktail

More inspiration: Five ways with Ms Sans Margarita

Ms Sans Cosmopolitan


Best served: Add 125mls of Ms Sans Cosmopolitan to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a glass and garnish with a lime wheel. 

Try this: Prosecco Cosmopolitan Mocktail

Ms Sans Mojito


Best served: Add 125mls of Ms Sans Mojito to a highball glass along with ice (crushed ice is best, but not essential). Top the glass up with soda water and garnish with a lime wheel and sprig of mint. 

Barware, Glassware and Garnishes

To really bring the cocktail bar experience home you need style as well as substance. Here are my top picks to get the most out of your mocktail. 

Clinq Coupe Glasses


Clinq Martini Glasses


Clinq Copper Cocktail Shaker


Clinq Mixology Kit 


Monday Distillery Garnish - Lime


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