Five ways with Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll Gin alternative

Feb 08, 2022

I'm so excited to introduce you to this new non-alcoholic gin. Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll has a very special place in my heart because it's part of my new range of alcohol-free spirit alternatives. I created Sans Bar so that I could put everything I have learned about non-alcoholic drinks into practice and give my customers exactly what they're looking for.
A small antique shop named Alices located on Notting Hill

Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll was inspired by dry London style gin which means that its predominant flavour must come from juniper. Along with those traditional Juniper flavours, Notting Hill Stroll also features aromatic citrus that rounds out the flavour into an incredibly convincing non-alcoholic gin

Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll


You can enjoy Sans Bar Notting Hill stroll in numerous ways, in fact, you will find an array of gin mocktails to try in my recipe section. But, if you are not sure where to start, I've picked out my top five gin drinks for you. 

1. Notting Hill Stroll & Tonic 

A mocktail made with Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll, tonic and garnished with orange slices

The simplicity of a classic gin and tonic is one of the reasons this iconic drink has been popular for over 100 years. But not all G&T's are created equally. Sans Bar Notting Hill Stoll is best paired with a premium tonic water such as StrangeLove Tonic No 8

I recommend pouring 50mls of Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll into your favourite glass and then adding a handful of ice (adding the ice first can dilute the gin). Next add your tonic water and garnish with a slice of orange, a sprig of rosemary - or both. 

StrangeLove Tonic No 8


 2. Notting Hill French 75 Mocktail 

Two champagne glasses with non-alcoholic French 75 made with Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll

The French 75 is a popular Champagne cocktail that packs a bit of a punch  - in fact, I recently discovered that it's named after the French 75-mm field gun, which was used during World War I. 

Citrusy and refreshing, you can make a Notting Hill French 75 by adding 50mls of Notting Hill Stroll into a Champagne flute along with 20mls of fresh lemon juice and 20mls of sugar syrup. Stir gently and then top up the glass with chilled non-alcoholic sparkling wine. My personal preference is Thomson & Scott Noughty. 

Finally, garnish with a twist of lemon peel. 

Thomson & Scott Noughty


3. Sans Bar Southside (or Gin Mojito) 

Non-alcoholic Southside mocktail made with Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll

Knowone really knows where the Southside, also known as a gin mojito, was originally made. Some say that it came out of the prohibition era, while others claim that it was created at New York's 21 Club. But, while we may never know the true origins of the Southside, we can certainly enjoy one (or two...).

You can make a Sans Bar Southside by pouring 50mls of Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll into a cocktail shaker along with 20mls of lime juice, 15mls of sugar syrup and a small handful of mint leaves. Shake well and then strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with a small mint leaf. 

 4. Sans Bar London Vs Venice Punch 

Two glasses of non-alcoholic Aperitif Spritz made with Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll and Sans Bar Spritzing in Venice

The thing that I love about this mocktail (apart from the fact that it includes two of my Sans Bar spirit alternatives) is that it combines two classic drinks - Gin & soda and Aperitif Spritz. It's also a great mocktail to mix up if you are entertaining as it's best made in batches. 

Add two cups of crushed ice to a jug along with 250mls of Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll, 200mls of Sans Bar Spritzing in Venice and 750mls of soda water. Stir carefully to combine. Next, slice two oranges and add them to the jug. Again, stir carefully. Chill the jug in the fridge until your guests arrive and then serve with small sprigs of mint. 

Sans Bar Spritzing In Venice


5. Sans Bar Watermelon Frappe 

Watermelon Frappe mocktail made with Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll and garnished with mint leaves

I think that this is the ultimate mocktail for a hot, sunny day. It's ultra-refreshing, delicious and decidedly grown-up. It's also perfect to share with friends, in fact, this recipe makes six servings. 

Start by slicing half a seedless watermelon and removing the rind. Place the sliced watermelon in a food processor and blitz until smooth. Strain the watermelon juice and place it in the fridge to chill for at least an hour. 

When you are ready to serve, place the chilled watermelon juice back into the food processor along with 300mls of Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll and two cups of ice. Blitz until smooth, then pour into glasses and garnish with a small sprig of mint.

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