Six non-alc female founders you need to know about!

Mar 08, 2022

As a female founder, I am passionate about supporting other women in the business world, especially women in the non-alcoholic drinks industry. So many of my best-selling drinks come from businesses led by women - let me introduce you to them.
Sam Manning Founder of Monday Distillery holding a box with Monday Distillery non-alcoholic drinks

Amanda Thomson - Founder Thomson & Scott 

Amanda Thomson created the world-famous Noughty  

One of the most famous women in the non-alcoholic world, Amanda Scott is the woman behind the best-selling and critically acclaimed Noughty. 

Amanda has long been an advocate for healthy, ethical lifestyles and made it her mission to create a non-alcoholic wine that didn't compromise on flavour or style.

Amanda studied the craft of w at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu School in France, where she was also named Entrepreneur of the Year 2017. 

Thomson & Scott Noughty


Sam Manning - Founder of Monday Distillery 

Sam Manning pouring a bottle of monday distillery exotic spice gin and tonic into a glass

Sam Manning is the founder of Monday Distillery, one of the fastest-growing, independent, non-alcoholic drinks companies in Australia. Monday started when Sam discovered that going alcohol-free meant drinking sugar-laden soft drink or boring sparkling water. 

Using her background in botanicals and beverages, Sam made it her mission to create alcohol-free drinks that retain the taste, vibe and emotional connection of drinks such as gin and tonic without the negative effects of alcohol.

Monday has been a huge success, with the collection now offering eight amazing, ready to drink mocktails while playing an important part in changing the image of non-alcoholic drinks. 

Monday Distillery Exotic Spice G&T


Moa Gürbüzer - Founder of Odd Bird 

Moa Gürbüzer founder of Odd Bird holding a bottle of Odd Bird Low Intervention Organic White No.1

Moa Gürbüzer saw the detrimental effects alcohol has on families while working as a social worker. She was astounded a how common alcohol-related problems had become and wanted to do something about it. 

In 2013, Moa quit her job so that she could work towards her vision of changing alcohol and drinking culture. 

Today, Odd Bird is known for creating world-class alcohol-free wine. 

Odd Bird Low Intervention Organic White No.1


Jaz Wearin - Founder of NORT, non-alcoholic beer 

Jaz Wearin - founder of NORT non-alcoholic beer holding a six pack of nort pacific ale

Jaz Wearin and her husband, Grant, co-founded Modus Brewing, so Jaz says it's fair to say that she is a beer girl. When she became pregnant with her son, Jaz felt frustrated by the alcohol-free ber options that were available. While she could see the opportunity, the new baby and running of Modus meant that the timing wasn't right for a new venture. 

When Covid-19 hit and much of Australia went into lockdown, Jaz saw the need for a full-flavoured non-alcoholic beer had grown. The stress and uncertainty of the lockdown meant that more people were drinking and providing an alternative seemed important and urgent. NORT was released a few months later. 

NORT Non Alcoholic Beer - Refreshing Ale



Ellie Bradshaw - founder of Wild Life Botanicals

Ellie Bradshaw - founder of Wild Life Botanicals holding a bottle of wild life botanicals and a glass with non-alcoholic wine

Ellie Bradshaw, a full-time working mum, set out to find an alcohol-free alternative to champagne and Prosecco and was unimpressed with the options. 

With a background in luxury food, drink and hospitality, coupled with a passion for plant power, Ellie decided to create her own non-alcoholic wine. Her goal was a non-alcoholic sparkling wine that delivered great taste as well as wellness benefits. 

Ellie worked with a team of experts, including a naturopath, a medical herbalist, a master brewer and a food scientist to bring Wild Life Botanicals to fruition. 

Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Blush



Danijela Kovac - founder of Teetotaler Wines

Danijela Kovac - founder of Teetotaler Wines

Danijela Kovac gave up alcohol over 12 years ago, but while she says that the sober years have been the best in her life, she missed having a glass of wine with dinner. In fact, she noticed that she'd stopped enjoying food because it wasn't the same without a well-paired glass of wine. 

Realising that she wasn't alone in wanting a premium, non-alcoholic wine that she could enjoy with dinner, Danijela created Teetotaler Wines. Made in Spain, the Teetotaler collection was recently featured on Just Like That, the Sex and the City reboot. You can read more about it in this guide to Teetotaler Wine

Teetotaler Sparkling Rose




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