Five steps to the perfect beach day

Nov 16, 2021

Summer may not officially start until the 1st of December, but the Australian beach season has well and truly begun.
Two people at the beach holding a sunnylife esky and a beach umbrella

If you're thinking about your next beach day, then here are some suggestions that will take it to the next level. 

1. Find the beach that's right for you 

If you are not lucky enough to live within walking distance of the beach then it's worth thinking about the best beach to visit. Consider taking public transport to avoid finding yourself in a nightmare parking situation - or get up early to beet the rush. 

Bondi beach on a sunny day packed with people

2.  Find a spot in the shade 

If you are planning on staying all day then finding a spot in the shade, or bringing your own shade with you, is essential. I love to lounge under the big tree at Balmoral Beach, but if we are going to a bigger beach I always pack a sun umbrella. 

3. Pack some alcohol-free drinks 

A bag filled with Finary non-alcoholic cans

While alcohol and beach days are not a great combination, alcohol-free drinks are perfect. Delicious and refreshing, these drinks are also lower in calories and sugar than the traditional versions. And, as they are free from alcohol, these drinks will not dehydrate you when you're drinking in the sun. 

I recommend ready to drink mocktails because they are super delicious as well as super convenient. 

Lyre's G&T Premix Drinks

What customers are saying: "I wasn’t expecting to love this so much as I have the London Dry and hadn’t enjoyed it with my usual tonic. But I did! The flavour is great and unlike some brands you don’t feel like you’re just drinking glorified soft drink. Will buy again for sure."

Naked Life Margarita Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


What customers are saying: "Grabbed this pack for a business lunch, and it gave us some sparkles and excitement while leaving us able to both drive and work in the afternoon!"

Finery Alc-Free Sparkling Cocktail - Grapefruit Cucumber & Mint

What customers are saying: "These are lovely and the small cans fit one glass perfectly. I have it with ice and I don't add anything else to it." 

The Duchess Alcohol-Free Wine Spritzer Rose 

Monday Distillery Paloma


What customers are saying: "This is absolutely beautiful. Perfect for a special occasion."

4. Use the perfect drinks cooler

A woman holding a sunnylife drinks cooler at the beach

If you're going to be out all day, then you're going to need a way to keep food and drinks cool and fresh. Our Sunnylife picnic baskets and drinks coolers are the perfect balance of style and practicality. 

Sunnylife Small Eco Picnic & Wine Cooler Basket

Sunnylife Silver Wine Cooler Bag

Sunnylife Picnic Cooler Backpack

5. Don't forget the sunscreen!   

Of course, if you are heading out for the day, then sunscreen is the the most important thing to pack! 

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