Guide to Alcohol-Free Rose Wine

Jul 01, 2021

Rose has traditionally been thought of as a summer wine, but there is no need to wait for the warmer seasons to enjoy it. I drink Rose all year round because it is as delicious in front of a roaring fire as it is on a sun lounger.

Three bottles of non-alcoholic rose wine

The key to a delicious non-alcoholic rose is the carefully crafted way that grapes are paired to create different blends and flavours, paired with the alcohol removal technique. Like red wine, the distinct Rose colour comes from the grapes and can range from a pale pink to a vivid near-purple. Here are my top picks.

Alcohol-free rose wine lined up on a kitchen bench

Le Petit Chavin Non-alcoholic Rose

The blurb: Pioneer on the alcohol-free market, Pierre Chavin have created an elegant, generous and refined collection while staying true to traditional French wine making. This aromatic Rose has been made from a blend of Merlot and Chardonnay grapes.

The taste: Dry, classic French style that's refreshing and crisp with notes of stone fruit and berries. 

Worth noting: Le Petit Chavin is low in calories, vegan and certified Halal making it 0.0% ABV. 

Pair with: Appetizers, grills, salads and desserts

Female hand holding a bottle of Le Petit Chavin Rose Bottle

Plus & Minus Rose

The blurb: Australian wine makers, Plus and Minus, use traditional winemaking techniques to craft their wine, before gently removing the alcohol. This Rose has been created from premium South Australian grapes.

The taste: Dry and fruity with notes of strawberries and ripe berry fruit.

Worth noting: This wine is very health centric, added grape seed extract gives it a higher concentration of antioxidants than traditional wine. It is also vegan and low in sugar

Pair with: Antipasto and grazing platters

Lautus De-Alcoholised Rose Wine

The blurb: Lautus are the leading producer of alc-free wine in South Africa. They've used cutting edge, spinning cone technology to stay at the forefront of the industry, giving their alc-free wine a premium quality.  

The taste: Using both Pinotage and Muscat grapes sourced from select vineyards in the Western Cape, this delicate rose boasts pure aromas of redberry fruit with floral notes. This has a well-balanced acidity finish. 

Worth noting: with only 2g of sugar per 100g, this wine contains less than half the calories of a standard alcoholic wine. 

Pair with: Summer salads, cheese plates and veggie skewers

The blurb: Jacob’s Creek have a well established reputation for Australian wine. The Unvined alcohol-free range has been crafted with a combination of classic wine making techniques and gentle alcohol-removal to create a premium wine in the Jacobs Creek tradition. 

The taste: This is a classic Australian Rose, with red fruit flavours and a light refreshing finish. 

Worth noting: This wine also contains 50 per cent fewer calories than traditional wine.  Pair with: Soft cheeses, nuts and antipasto 

Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Blush

The blurb: Based in Cornwall, in the UK, Wild Life Botanicals are passionate about crafting wine that is as sophisticated as it is tasty.

The Taste: With delicate, champagne-like bubbles, this blush sparkling evokes rosehip tea, strawberries as well as Cornish orchard fruits; crab apple and red apple.

Worth noting: This premium sparkling wine combines the calming properties of lemon balm, the soothing properties of damask rose and enhanced with vitamins and antioxidant rich rosemary. Vegan friendly and low in sugar.

Pairs with: Fresh salads, soft cheese or sushi

Odd Bird Sparkling Rose

The blurb: Odd Bird is a world leader in producing exquisite non-alcoholic champagne alternatives. produced in partnership with renowned champagne connoisseur Richard Juhlin. 

The taste: Made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, this dry Rose boasts hints of berry, citrus and crisp green apple. 

Worth noting: Although Odd Bird is a swedish brand, this sparkling wine is made in France. 

Pair with: Appetizers and grazing platters

Rose is best served chilled and all of the wine's I have featured are perfect on their own. If you prefer a spitzer, serve with ice and a splash of soda water. Or for a totally new take on Rose, try mixing a good splash of wine to a cocktail mixer.

Vinada Sparkling Rose

The blurb: Made with traditional Tempranillo grapes. This non-alcoholic Dry sparkling Rose comes from the Spanish wine-region of La Mancha. 

The taste: This is a Dry Rose Wine with aromas of strawberry, redcurrant and raspberry.

Worth noting: This wine is low in calories and is also vegan.

Pair with: Cheese plates and light dishes 

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