Top 7 Aussie Alcohol-Free Wines You Need To Try

Jul 01, 2021

If you want to buy local and support Aussie brands you will be glad to know that there are loads of fantastic alc-free wines mae right here in Australia.
Woman holding a glass of non-alcoholic wine at a vineyard

Globally the alcohol-free market is booming with new products being released on an almost monthly basis. But when it comes to wine, Australia has been at the forefront, developing some of the best alc-free wines in the world.

Two glasses of non-alcoholic white wine

Here are my top all-Aussie wine picks.

1. Newblood Chardonnay 

The Blurb: Newblood have gained a reputation for crafting alc-free wine that tastes just as good as traditional wine. In fact, since launching they have developed an almost cult-like following. One of the reasons for the authentic taste is the unique triple distillation process that Newblood have adopted.

The taste: This full-bodied, dry wine has the aroma, flavour, and mouthfeel of a classic, buttery Chardonnay. With hints of oak, citrus blossom and honeysuckle this wine boasts a crisp palate and a fresh balanced finish.

Worth noting: This wine is Vegan, low in sugar and low in calories.

What people are saying: “A game changer – it’s easy to go alcohol free with wine like this available.”

2. V.No Sparkling Table Wine

The Blurb: A new entry to the Australian market and V.NO is an affordable South Australian sparkling wine that is refreshing with a well balanced dry profile, ideal for every day drinking. It is also Vegan, low in sugar and only 26 calories per 100ml. 

The taste:  A good alc-free alternative to Champagne, this sparkling wine is crisp, sharp and very dry.

Worth noting: Low in sugar and calories

What people are saying: “ What a great find. This was a great find and a really good price. A solid, everyday dry sparkling, love that it is Australian too”

3. Jacob’s Creek Shiraz


The blurb: Jacob’s Creek have been crafting wine since 1847, making them one of Australia’s most well-known brands. The Jacob’s Creek Unvined alcohol-free range has been made with a combination of classic winemaking techniques and gentle alcohol removal.  

The taste: This Shiraz boasts complex aromas of plum, blackberry, and chocolate spice. The rounded palate is complimented with flavours of dark berries and blackberry jam, balanced by soft tannins. 

Worth noting: Low in calories 

What people are saying: “I’m very impressed. Looks and smells like wine and tastes really good.”

4. Plus & Minus Rose


The blurb: Australian wine makers, Plus and Minus, use traditional winemaking techniques along with premium South Australian grapes to craft their wine, before gently removing the alcohol.

The taste: A Pale candy pink rose with aromas of strawberries and a crisp, bright palate of ripe berry fruit.

Worth noting: This wine is vegan, low in sugar, low in calories and packed with extra antioxidants via grape seed extract.

What people are saying: “Nice body to this lovely dry rose without being too fruity. 

5. Edenvale Sparkling Shiraz

The blurb: One of Australia’s first alc-free wine brands, Edenvale use traditional winemaking techniques before gently extracting the alcohol via spinning cone technology. This Sparkling is from their top shelf, Premium Reserve collection.

The taste: Created from premium Shiraz grapes from Southeast Australia this wine boasts all of flavours of a classic Australian Shiraz. With notes of blackberry, currants and exotic spice and hits of oak, the finish is long and dry.

Worth noting: This wine is low in sugar, low in calories and rich in antioxidants.

What people are saying: “I love this sparkling red, full of flavour, bubbles. I had high expectations and wasn’t disappointed.” 

6. NON 4 Roasted Beetroot & Sansho 

The blurb: Created by chefs William Wade and Aaron Trotman, NON make sophisticated drinks that are alternatives to wine. NON 4 is a non-alcoholic alternative to a sparkling Dry Shiraz, a deep ruby red shade and lightly sparkling 

The Taste: This drink has a complex flavour profile that features Woodfired vegetables and Cabernet musk and a charred, subtly spicy aroma.

Worth noting: This drink is vegan and low in sugar

What are people saying? “I actually preferred this to all the non-alcoholic wines I’ve tried.”

7. Lyre’s Classico 

The blurb: Lyre’s have become the most awarded alc-free drinks company in the world.. Made without alcohol, their range perfectly mimic the taste and mouthfeel of classic drinks

The taste: With aromas of fresh peach and granny smith apple, this drink is a classic take on a traditional Italian sparkling Prosecco.

Worth noting: Gluten free and vegan friendly, Lyre’s Clasico is only 46 calories per serve

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