Guide to Naked Life Ready to Drink Mocktails

Jul 14, 2021

The Naked Life ready to drink mocktail range are all natural, sugar free and ultra low calories. There are lots of reasons that people cut back on alcohol, but the most common is that they just want to live in a healthier way.
Spicy Margarita Mocktail and a can of wimbledon spritz

Mindful drinking is part of a bigger health and wellness trend, we’ve become much more conscious about what we put in our bodies – and it’s not just alcohol that’s out.

Naked Life have fully committed to this ethos. When it comes to mocktails, the Naked Life ready to drink range, is one of the best on the market. They’ve made it their mission to produce health-conscious products with absolutely ‘no nasties’ – the Naked Life non-alcoholic mocktails are vegan, ultra-low calories and free from sugar and artificial flavours.

A can of Naked Life and a negroni mocktail

How do they do it? Well, they’ve taken the time to get the balance of flavours right so that their pre-mixed drinks actually taste like the classic drinks they are trying to emulate. On top of this, they use a blend of natural Stevia and Monk Fruit to create a sugar like flavour profile without the rush or calories.

These are are top 3 favourites from the Naked Life range:

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Naked Life Wimbledon Spritz

The taste: This Pimm’s-inspired spritzer has a deep and complex taste profile featuring Tahitian Lime and Nigerian ginger, lightly sweetened and top noted with distilled botanical of cucumber.

How to serve: Straight out the bottle, with a straw, or over ice with generous slices of orange, strawberry and cucumber.

What customers are saying: “This is the Pimm’s alternative I have been looking for. Summer in a glass!”

Naked Life Italian Spritz ready to drink can

Naked Life Negroni Spritz 


The taste: Bursting with flavour, this mocktail features classic Negroni flavours such as cherry and bitter orange, top noted with cinchona and orange blossom botanicals. 

How to serve: Best served with ice and an orange peel twist. 

What customers are saying:  "Absolutely delightful. Refreshing with a little bite to it. If I didn't know it was alcohol-free I truly couldn't have guessed." 

Naked Life Italian Spritz


The taste: Vibrant and complex this drink makes an excellent alcohol-free Aperitif Spritz. Featuring flavours of bitter orange, rhubarb, cinchona and orange blossom Italian Spritz will transport you to the Italian coast. 

How to serve: Best served in a wine glass with a slice of orange and green olive. 

What customers are saying: "I love this Italian spritz! It's so full of flavour, It’s become my new go-to and tastes just like an Aperitif Spritz. Serve in a wine glass full of ice and some orange slices and I feel like I’m having one of my favourite summer cocktails."

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