Meet Australia’s new non-alcoholic beer brand; The Beneficial Beer Co.

Jun 05, 2022

The Beneficial Beer Co. is an Australian non-alcoholic beer that you need to know about. Inspired by a desire for a healthier lifestyle, Stone Cold Lager features stubble noble hop characteristics and soft bitterness, in other words - it’s a highly drinkable beer. To find out more about this exciting new brand, I sat down with Andrew Starkey, Head of Distribution.
Andrew Starkey at the Beneficial Beer Co brewery

Where did the idea for the Beneficial Beer Co. come from? 

When Beneficial Beer Co. founder David Jackson gave up alcohol, just before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, he struggled to find a non-alcoholic beer with the flavour and mouthfeel that he was used to. 

"Rather than drink sub-par beer, David decided to make his own! Joining with his mate Matt Johnson, they reached out to master brewer Bruce Peachey and with his help and the application of new technology, were able to make the best tasting non-alcoholic lager in Australia" says Andrew Starkey, Head of Distribution at Beneficial Beer Co.

How is Beneficial Beer Co beer made? 

There are several ways to make non-alcoholic beer, and as Andrew tells me, it is a fascinating process. “We value attention to detail, because ‘crafting’ something of value is important,” he says. 

The Beneficial Beer Co, begin the process by sourcing the best ingredients, because they believe that what you put in is reflected in what you get out. These ingredients are then brewed in a boutique micro-brewery in the Hunter Valley, NSW. 

The final step is strictly classified, but involves running the beer through a secret alcohol-removing machine. “I can’t fully describe what goes on because David is a magician when in the brewhouse,” laughs Andrew. 

Once the process is completed, the Stone Cold Lager is packaged in pasteurised cans to ensure no nasties can hide away. 

Irene Falcone holding a can of Beneficial Beer Co. Stone Cold Lager

Tell me more about Beneficial Beer Co. Stone Cold Lager 


The taste: Stone Cold Larger is a  classic malt larger with subtle noble hop characteristics and soft bitter notes. 

Worth noting: Low in calories (16 calories per 100mls) and ultra low in sugar (less than 0.1g per 100mls)

What customers are saying: “Top drop! A step above the usual alcohol free beer brands.” 

What makes the Beneficial Beer Co. stand out from other alcohol free beer? 

Andrew tells me that there are several key factors that differentiate the Beneficial Beer Co. from other non-alcoholic beer brands

“Firstly, we know we’re the best tasting non-alcoholic lager on the market. How? Because we got out there and tasted them all for ourselves! It was a tough ask, but we needed to know that what we were putting in our cans was superior to all others,” he says. 

Secondly, Andrew notes that the ‘beneficial’ in the Beneficial Beer Co. isn’t just a clever name. “We wanted to craft a product that was more than a drink; we wanted a product that supported the wider lifestyle choices of drinkers,” he says. 

“We wanted to benefit the world by being recyclable; we wanted to benefit the environment by helping reduce carbon through BetaCarbon tokens; we wanted to benefit people who faced stigma for decreasing alcohol intake by making them a brand they knew would be well received by all drinkers.” 

Finally, the Beneficial Beer Co. pride themselves on being a truly local brand. “In a world that faces significant challenges, we wanted to be a business that supported the people who live in our community. So, we want to remain local,” Andrew explains. 


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