Your guide to ETCH Sparkling

Jun 05, 2022

ETCH has been a popular brand at Sans Drinks since the beginning. As well as being alcohol free, the ETCH range is also vegan friendly and is crafted with antioxidant rich, native Australian ingredients. But did you know that the name ETCH is an acronym? It stands for Every Time Choose Health, which is a great philosophy for all of us.


Eight hands holding ETCH non-alcoholic drinks cans and mocktails at the beach

This year ETCH Sparkling drinks has shaken up their range with some new releases, so I thought it would be a good time to sit down with founders Andy and Jason Quin to find out more. 

What is different about ETCH? 

Andy tells me that the ETCH brand is all about celebration, fun and being present in the moment. On top of this, ETCH’s use of Australian native ingredients provides a connection to Country. 

“Walking on Country in our local area on the Mornington Peninsula (Bunurong/Boon Wurrung land) with Aboriginal leader and educator, Lionel Launch, we became aware of the myriad of native edibles that we would usually pass by,” she says. 

“Being passionate foodies, we began to educate ourselves on the incredible nutritional qualities and delicious flavour profiles of Australian native ingredients,” adds Jason. 

Jason Quin and family members wearing shirts with the ETCH brand logo

How does ETCH use Australian native ingredients? 

Jason notes that all the ingredients used are sourced from the places they grow naturally. For example, Kakadu Plums come from Northern Territory, Finger Limes come from the subtropical rainforest areas of south-east Queensland and New South Wales and Quandong fruit is grown throughout parts of southern and inland Australia.

“The fresh native Australian ingredients are then distilled into extracts and curated into a blend with sparkling water as our base,” Andy explains. 

Etch Sparkling Drinks being poured

Are ETCH drinks healthy? 

The native Australian ingredients used in ETCH drinks come with an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

“In comparison to the blueberry, which is often used as the benchmark for antioxidants, these native ingredients blow the blueberry out of the water! The Kakadu Plum has the highest recorded concentration of natural Vitamin C of any food in the world,” says Jason. 

In addition to this, ETCH drinks are 100 per cent natural, preservative free and vegan friendly. 

ETCH ZST - Finger Lime, Lemon Myrtle Rosemary


The taste: This sparkling soda has a crisp and refreshing zesty flavour featuring notes of lime, lemon, tropical, apple, herbaceous and grapefruit.

The native ingredient:  Finger Lime - rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, particularly Folate, Potassium and Vitamin C. 

Worth noting: Sugar free and ultra low in calories 

Best served: Try serving ETCH ZST over ice with a slice of dried lime. 

What customers are saying: “My partner loves these - he takes them to his parents house so they don't bug him to drink with them. They are very refreshing and have a lovely aftertaste.” 

ETCH RNG - Orange & Quandong


The taste: This refreshing sparkling soda features the peachy flavours of Australian Quandong along with orange and citrus notes. 

The native ingredient: Quandong - an antioxidant with a high quantity of Vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin E, folate, zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron.

Worth noting: Sugar free and ultra low in calories 

Best served: Try Etch RNG with ice and a slice of peach or as a mixer with a non-alcoholic gin 

Etch APL - Bush Apple, Kakadu Plum


The taste: This aromatic sparkling soda features flavours of apple, musk and cooked pear. 

The native ingredient: Kakadu Plum - it contains the highest concentration of vitamin C in the world at 2907mg versus the 53mg of vitamin C that is found in an orange. 

Worth noting: Sugar free and ultra low in calories

Best served: Try ETCH APL with ice and a slice of green apple or with a non-alcoholic vodka

Etch MTN - Mountain Pepperberry, Raspberry


The taste: This pink-hued sparkling soda features flavours of ripe red berry and sweet, spicy pepper. 

The native ingredient: Mountain Pepperberry - it contains four times the antioxidants found in blueberries. 

Worth noting: Sugar free and ultra low in calories

Best served: Try ETCH MTN over ice with a handful of fresh or frozen raspberries. 

What customers are saying: “Surprisingly good. Enjoyed this with a spicy stir fry. It more than held its own.” 

Etch Sparkling Honey Rosewater


The taste: Reminiscent of Turkish delight, this sparkling drink is refreshing and complex. Featuring a hint of sweetness from the honey along with floral and spice notes. 

Worth noting: Low in sugar (2.4g per 100mls) and low in calories (11 per 100mls). 

Best served: Try Etch HNY with ice and a slice of cucumber. 

What customers are saying: “The honey and rosewater complement each other perfectly. It's not a flavour I expected to ever find in a sparkling water, and I'm so glad I did!” 

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