Must-Try Craft Beers Without the Buzz

May 17, 2024

Must-Try Craft Beers Without the Buzz

Alright, beer lovers, gather 'round! Tired of those boring old beers that leave you feeling flatter than a pancake? Well, we've got just the thing to get your taste buds tingling – non-alcoholic craft beers that pack a punch without the hangover.

Whether you're a seasoned beer connoisseur or just starting to explore the craft scene, this is your one-stop shop for unique, flavour-packed sips that'll have your taste buds doing a happy dance. We've scoured the land to bring you the cream of the crop when it comes to non-alcoholic and low-alcohol craft beers, that'll have you saying "Crikey, that's good!"

So, grab a glass, kick back, and let's dive into a bunch of options, and innovative flavours that'll have you wondering why you ever settled for the same old boring stuff. Get ready to discover the hidden gems that are redefining the art of beer drinking – no regrets, just pure beer bliss!

Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers to Try

Ready to explore the popular non-alcoholic craft beer options that'll have your taste buds doing a happy dance? We've got just the lineup to satisfy your thirst for bold, innovative flavours without the buzz.

Our curated selection brings you the best of both worlds – all the flavour you crave, with none of the alcohol. Whether you're in the mood for a hoppy IPA that'll transport you straight to the heart of the Outback or a refreshing wheat beer that'll have you feeling as crisp as a morning in the Daintree, each brew is crafted with care to deliver a full-bodied taste experience.

Guinness 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Stout

Guinness 0.0 is a non-alcoholic stout crafted at the legendary St James’s Gate in Ireland. This 440mL offering maintains the rich heritage and robust taste of its traditional counterpart, brewed using water, barley, hops, and yeast, with a pioneering cold filtration method to remove alcohol while preserving the iconic flavour.

Pro Tip: Pair Guinness 0.0 with hearty Irish stews or chocolate desserts to complement its deep, roasted notes.

VandeStreek Fun House NEIPA

VandeStreek's Fun House NEIPA from the Netherlands is a hazy and marigold-coloured brew with aromas of orange and sweet grapefruit. It offers fruity characteristics with subtle grass and pine notes from the hops, creating a refreshing and flavourful profile.

Pro Tip: Enjoy the Fun House NEIPA with spicy dishes or grilled seafood to enhance its fruity and citrusy notes.

4 Pines Ultra Low Alcohol Beer Cans

4 Pines Ultra Low Alcohol Beer is a refreshing malt beverage dominated by fruit hop notes with herbal and citrus undertones. It features a clean malt character with balanced bitterness, offering a tart finish that leaves you craving more. 

Pro Tip: Pair this Ultra-Low-Alcohol Beer with light salads or grilled chicken for a crisp and satisfying combination.

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza

Sobah's Finger Lime Cerveza is a zesty and citrusy non-alcoholic craft beer that captures the essence of the Australian Outback. With refreshing flavours and a clean finish, this brew is perfect for those seeking a unique and flavorful experience.

Pro Tip: Pair Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza with fresh seafood dishes or tangy salads to complement its citrusy notes.

Dad & Dave's Brewing No Brainer

Dad & Dave's Brewing No Brainer is a non-alcoholic beer that offers a crisp and clean taste with a subtle malt character. This brew is perfect for those looking for a straightforward and refreshing drinking experience without the alcohol content.

Pro Tip: Enjoy Dad & Dave's Brewing No Brainer with grilled vegetables or light pasta dishes for a simple and satisfying pairing.

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