Top Non-Alcoholic Wines to Enjoy by the Fire This Winter

Jun 10, 2024

Top Non-Alcoholic Wines to Enjoy by the Fire This Winter

Winter is officially here, bringing chilly evenings and the perfect opportunity to cosy up by the fire. There's nothing quite like curling up by the fire with a comforting wine. If you're cutting back on alcohol this winter or planning to do so, don't look back! Embrace the season with some delicious non-alcoholic wines that taste just like the real thing. Whether you’re a fan of rich reds, crisp whites, or bubbly sparklings, there are plenty of non-alcoholic options that will keep you warm and satisfied. 

Let’s explore the top non-alcoholic wines perfect for enjoying by the fire. From robust and full-bodied reds to refreshing whites and festive sparklings, we've got something for everyone. So, get ready to discover your new favourite winter sips that will make your evenings by the fire even cosier and more enjoyable.

Why Non-Alcoholic Wines Are a Great Choice For Winter

You might be thinking, "Nah, mate, non-alcoholic wines can never take the place of alcoholic wines," but believe us, they can, and we've tried them ourselves! If you ask us for an exact alternative, we've got you covered. Here’s why non-alcoholic wines are a great choice for winter:

Health Benefits: Non-alcoholic wines offer the enjoyment of wine without the hangover. They're lower in calories and won’t interfere with your sleep, making them a healthier option.

Rich Flavours: Modern non-alcoholic wines have come a long way, offering rich and complex flavours that can match their alcoholic counterparts. You can savour the depth and character of good wine without the alcohol content.

Social Inclusion: Whether you’re the designated driver or simply prefer not to drink, non-alcoholic wines allow you to participate fully in social gatherings. You can enjoy the ritual of wine drinking without feeling left out.

Versatility: These wines pair beautifully with winter comfort foods. From hearty stews to festive desserts, non-alcoholic wines enhance the dining experience without overpowering the meal.

No Next-Day Regrets: Enjoy your evenings by the fire without worrying about the next day's responsibilities. Non-alcoholic wines let you relax and unwind without the risk of a hangover.

So, if you're looking for a delicious and sensible option to enjoy this winter, non-alcoholic wines are the way to go. Give them a try, and enjoy your cosy evenings by the fire!

Criteria for Selecting Winter-Friendly Non-Alcoholic Wines

We all love to eat delicious, hearty meals during the winter, and pairing them with the right non-alcoholic wine can elevate the experience. When selecting winter-friendly non-alcoholic wines, consider the following qualities to ensure they complement the season perfectly:

Rich Flavours: Look for non-alcoholic wines that offer deep, rich flavours. These wines should have a full-bodied taste that can stand up to hearty winter dishes like roasts, stews, and casseroles.

Warmth and Spice Notes: Wines with hints of warmth and spice are ideal for winter. Notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg can add a cosy, comforting element to your drink, enhancing the overall experience of a winter evening by the fire.

Body and Complexity: Choose wines with a good body and complexity. Full-bodied wines provide a satisfying mouthfeel and linger on the palate, which is perfect for the slower pace of winter. A complex wine with multiple layers of flavour can keep your taste buds engaged throughout the meal.

Compatibility with Winter Foods: Consider how the wine pairs with traditional Australian winter foods. Non-alcoholic reds with bold flavours go well with lamb shanks or a classic Aussie meat pie. For white wines, look for those with enough acidity to cut through richer dishes like creamy chicken pasta or seafood chowder.

Balance and Depth: Ensure the wine has a good balance between sweetness and acidity, as well as depth in flavour. A balanced, non-alcoholic wine will complement the diverse flavours of winter meals without overpowering them.

By focusing on these criteria, you can select non-alcoholic wines that not only taste great on their own but also enhance your winter dining experiences. So, grab a bottle, light the fire, and enjoy the perfect winter evening with a glass of your favourite non-alcoholic wine.

Our Top Picks

Here's what the experts at Sans Drinks recommend:

1. Next Destination Barossa Valley Shiraz
This is our favourite winter wine at Sans Drinks. A bold and complex wine with generous notes of dark chocolate and ripe berries. It's perfect with a warm and comforting lentil and vegetable stew. Next Destination is a one-of-a-kind premium non-alcoholic wine range, bringing the cellar door experience of iconic Australian wine destinations to your home. The Next Destination 2019 Barossa Valley Shiraz started as a premium alcoholic Shiraz, selected for its exceptional vintage and varietal. The alcohol was then expertly removed, resulting in an unmatched true-to-taste flavour. It is dry, with no sweetness and has velvety smooth, complex, layered tannins. It is also vegan-friendly and low in sugar. 

2. 1920 Wines Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Shiraz
This is another favourite of ours. The 1920 Wines Sparkling Shiraz is a non-alcoholic sparkling red wine made using premium South Australian grapes, crafted in a family-owned Aussie winery in Griffith, New South Wales. Similar to a traditional Dry Lambrusco, it boasts flavours of blackberry and dark unsweetened chocolate, a dry profile, and deep blackcurrant and subtle oak notes, all brought to life with fine, lively bubbles. It is also vegan-friendly and contains just 2.5g of sugar per 100mls.

3. Thomson & Scott Noughty Rouge Syrah
This is our best-selling wine for winter. The Noughty Rouge Syrah is produced with Syrah grapes from dryland vineyards in Darling, South Africa, aged for 12 months in French and American oak. Grown in strategically selected sites, it benefits from the warm sun and the cooling effect of the Atlantic Ocean. A well-balanced red wine, deep ruby red in colour with notes of ripe red fruit, crushed black pepper, and French oak tannins. It is also low in sugar and calories.

4. Altina Liberate Pepperberry Shiraz
You can consider this one because of its perfect blend of premium non-alcoholic Shiraz and native Australian pepperberry. The Altina Pepperberry Shiraz is a well-rounded non-alcoholic red wine with a dry, bold profile and a smooth, lingering, warm, spicy finish. Flavours include juicy red fruits, spicy native Australian pepperberry, dark chocolate, and hints of new oak and vanilla.

5. Plus & Minus Pinot Noir
We bet you will love this one for winter. Crafted from grapes sourced from vineyards in South Australia, the Plus & Minus Pinot Noir boasts soft aromas of dark berries and dried herbs. It features a light-bodied flavour profile with cherry and dark chocolate notes, and the added antioxidant benefits of grape seed extract. This light-style red wine is also vegan friendly.

6. NON 4 Roasted Beetroot & Sansho
Here comes the NON 4—a non-alcoholic alternative to a Dry Sparkling red. It has a deep ruby hue with delicate bubbles, made with woodfired vegetals and cabernet musk mingle to create a full-bodied flavour profile with a charred herb-esque spicy aroma. Ingredients in this blend include beetroot, sansho pepper, black pepper, tamari, bay leaf, jalapeno, houjicha, Murray River salt, verjus and crisp, filtered water. Created by Chef William Wade and Aaron Trotman, it's Australian-made, vegan friendly, and low in calories.

7. Next Destination McLaren Vale Chardonnay
This also hits the list. Next Destination's premium non-alcoholic wine range brings the cellar-door experience of iconic Australian wine destinations to your home. The Next Destination 2018 McLaren Vale Chardonnay started as a premium alcoholic Chardonnay, selected for its exceptional vintage and varietal. The alcohol has been expertly removed, resulting in an unmatched true-to-taste flavour. Produced from premium McLaren Vale, this exceptional chardonnay is delicate with a dry profile, buttery mouthfeel, and oak tannins. It is also vegan-friendly, low in sugar, and low in calories.

These top picks from Sans Drinks are sure to enhance your winter evenings with their rich flavours and perfect pairings for hearty Australian winter foods.

Explore More at Sans Drinks

Explore more exceptional non-alcoholic options at Sans Drinks. Discover a wide range of premium wines crafted to deliver authentic flavours without alcohol. Whether you prefer rich reds, crisp whites, or refreshing sparklings, our collection has something to suit every palate. Perfect for any occasion, these wines are vegan-friendly and low in sugar, ensuring you can enjoy them guilt-free.

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