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What you need to know about Plus & Minus Wine

Plus + Minus = Zero. That’s the brilliance behind a new range of wines developed by Fourth Wave Wine, an Aussie-based wine business with a far-reaching international market.

What you need to know about Plus & Minus Wine

Delicious wine plus antioxidants, minus the alcohol? Sign me the heck up! Here's what you need to know about this new Aussie range of non-alcoholic wine plus health benefits. 

What is non-alcoholic wine and how is it made?

Non-alcoholic wine is, first and foremost, exactly as its name suggests: wine without the alcohol (or very little of it). It’s more than just wine though. It’s a choice, a revelation, a lifestyle!

For a drink to be legally referred to as “non-alcoholic”, “alcohol-free” or “dealcoholised” it must contain no more than 0.5% ABV, which is comparative to alcohol levels that you’d find in some fruits. You can drink non-alcoholic wine and other alc-free beverages without feeling the least bit tipsy and without the horrible hangover the next day.

When alcohol-free wine is made, it follows much the same process as a regular wine (depending on the brand and the product, of course). Most winemakers will either remove the alcohol via distillation or filtration just before the wine is bottled. Some don’t even add alcohol in the first place and refer to their beverages as non-alcoholic wine alternatives to create a clearer understanding of the products they are marketing. Some brands, like Fizzero use bacterial fermentation to achieve the personality of a good wine. Others, like Aussie brand NON simply use natural ingredients that mix well to create a taste and aroma almost indistinguishable from the real deal.

Who Are Plus & Minus Wines?

Plus & Minus, like many other winemakers, craft their wines much the same as a regular wine, then the alcohol is removed before the bottling process is complete.

What makes Plus & Minus such a health-conscious alternative to regular wine?

Firstly, Plus & Minus wine does not contain any artificial sweeteners or nasties. Only the highest quality grapes and other ingredients are entered into the mix to ensure a natural, healthier wine is achieved.

Antioxidants come into play via the introduction of grape seed extract (GSE) to the wine making recipe. GSE is naturally rich in antioxidants and well known for its health and skin loving benefits. 

What’s so good about non-alcoholic wine, anyway?

I’m so glad you asked. Non-alcoholic wine is the way of the future. Honestly, I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to be able to bring such an awesome range of booze-free bevvies to you! The health benefits are overwhelming. The lifestyle improvements are immense. The wide array of products just keeps on growing. You don’t have to avoid bars, pubs and gatherings for fear of being peer pressured into having a drink. You can go out and enjoy a few drinks and still be able to drive home, put the kids to bed and wake up the next morning ready to take on the world.

Ok, sure, I may be biased but when the benefits are right there, plain as day, it’s hard not to be.

What Plus & Minus wine varieties are available? 

You can follow the link to the Sans Drink store here to check out the range for yourself, otherwise read on for more info surrounding the flavour profiles, aromas and general recommended food pairings for each of them.

Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Blanc de Blancs NV

This is a delicious blend of Chardonnay, Semillon and Colombard grapes that has been expertly transformed into a non-alcoholic champagne-style white. A little effervescence brings out the celebratory personality of this white wine and adds to the atmosphere of any occasion.

As with all Plus & Minus wines, this Blanc de Blancs contains no artificial sweeteners or other nasties and also contains grape seed oil for those good antioxidants!

Citrus and apple are the leading flavours of this wine, however a sweet fruit lift provides a nice balance, as well as a cleansing acid finish to round out the experience.

This sparkling beauty is best served chilled and works well with seafood platters, especially if they contain a nice big serving of fresh oysters. My mouth is totally watering now. Yum!

Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Pinot Grigio

Another white that pairs perfectly with a seafood feast, this Pinot Grigio works well with chicken dishes and seasonal salads too! Fruits are sourced from reputable South Australian vineyards to create a blend that is slightly floral but with overarching aromas of pear, apple and citrus.

A balance of acidity and sweetness is perfectly executed and, again, grape seed oil rockets into the mix to provide valuable health benefits. No artificial sweeteners have been added which is seriously good news for those of us who take our health and wellbeing seriously.

It’s best served chilled and is the perfect accompaniment for a dinner with friends or “pre-non-drinks” before a night out on the town.

Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Pinot Noir

If mushroom arancini is on the menu, this is the red you MUST have on deck. It’s full of the dried herb, spice and savoury characteristics of a classic Pinot Noir, as well as subtle natural fruity sweetness that sparks a tender balance.

The grapes in this delicious alcohol-free drop are sourced in Langhorne Creek which you may know as one of South Australia’s most renowned sources of premium, high-quality red grapes. As with the other wines in this range, not a single artificial sweetener is in sight. Grape seed oil is introduced to provide the benefits of antioxidants found generally in red wine, minus the alcohol (and the hangover).

This wine remains a vibrant, full-bodied beauty well after the alcohol has been removed. It’s all part of the process!

Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Shiraz

Yep, you guessed it, this wine is made complete with antioxidants galore from added grape seed oil and doesn’t contain any synthetic sweeteners. Health, lifestyle, wellbeing – all can be improved, even a little, by swapping your red wine tastes to this sterling Shiraz.

Black fruits with hints of chocolate are abundant in both the flavour and aroma of this drop. Vanilla and subtle oak tones slide their way in to create a gorgeous balance that can only be crafted by expert wine makers.

A touch of sweet fruit and thin tannins round out the flavour, ending on a medium concentration for a classic Shiraz experience.

In my opinion, the best way to enjoy this red is with a deluxe steak sandwich with all the trimmings in summer, or a hearty beef stew in the cold months of winter!

I think you’ve heard enough to go on for now, so I’ll get out of your hair and let you do the maths on these clever bevvies. I’d recommend stopping by the Sans Drinks store sooner rather than later because Plus & Minus tend to sell out super quickly after we restock.

As always, keep enjoying your drinks the healthier way - sans the alcohol!

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