A guide to Edenvale Premium Reserve Non-Alcoholic Wine

Dec 05, 2020

Edenvale have been producing high-quality wine since 2006 and are one of Australia’s first and leading alcohol-removed wine brand. In this blog we explore their new Premium Reserve range.

Irene Falcone drinking Edenvale Sparkling Shiraz

In this article we are exploring the Edenvale Premium Reserve range of non-alcoholic wines and we’ll see how they compare to the classic Edenvale range and other non-alcoholic wine brands. 

What are the legal requirements for a non-alcoholic wine?

In order to meet legal standards, a wine must contain no more than 0.5% alcohol volume to be marketed as a “non-alcoholic” product. So, technically, a majority of the alc-free wines you drink actually do contain teeny, tiny traces of alcohol. Don’t fret though, 0.5% ABV is actually much the same as amounts found in fresh fruit juices. There’s no way you could get drunk on the stuff or feel effects relating to alcohol with such small amounts per bottle.

Non-alcoholic wines like the ones in Edenvale’s range are perfect for designated drivers, dry work functions, Febfast, Ocsober or Dry July participants and pregnant or breastfeeding women (of course always check with your GP).

A bottle of Edenvale Sparkling Shiraz on a table next to two glasses filled with non-alcoholic wine

How is the alcohol removed from Edenvale alc-free wines?

Edenvale use the Spinning Cone method to remove the alcohol from their wines before finalising the bottling process. This is a highly efficient and innovative way of creating non-alcoholic wines from their alcoholic counterparts. 

The traditional Spinning Cone method is altered slightly to suit Edenvale’s production methods. A Spinning Cone Column removes the alcohol from the wine through a process of distillation. The wine is then refined and purified before it is blended with a small amount of grape concentrate to return volume and sweetness to the recipe. Throughout all of this, Edenvale wine makers are careful to protect the delicate aromas from dissipating, leaving us with a wine that smells, feels and tastes just like a regular wine.

What's the difference between Edenvale Classic wine and their Premium Reserve wine?

The main difference between the Edenvale Classic range and the Premium Reserve range is everything from the stylish bottle to the mouthfeel is of a more premium level. If you’re looking for a high end alcohol-free alternative to a high-quality wine, this range should be your go-to. They look, taste and feel amazing in any setting – from adding a little flair to a backyard BBQ to accompanying the canapés at a high-end event.

The Edenvale Premium Reserve range includes a Sparkling Shiraz (this is my favourite in the range), a Sparkling Blanc de Blanc and Pinot Noir.

The Premium Reserve wines have all been made with wine grapes of the highest quality from pristine wine regions in Australia’s South East. The ingredients are all exquisitely blended in order to create only the finest wines for this premium range.

What makes these non-alcoholic wine a health-conscious drink choice?

Many alcoholic drinks are high in sugar and high in calories while many non-alcoholic wines are lower in sugar while most are much lower in calories than regular wine. In addition, the Edenvale Premium Reserve range is rich in antioxidants, known for their role in promoting youthful, glowing skin. So with non-alcoholic wines you're getting the benefits of the grape skins, but without the alcohol.  

Where can I buy the Edenvale Premium Reserve non-alcoholic wine?

We stock the full range of the Edenvale Premium Reserve wine as well as the full Edenvale Classic range. You can buy them by the bottle, in mixed case packs or in our discounted wine bundles. Here's what you need to know on each one: 

Edenvale Premium Reserve Pinot Noir

A delicious drop of dealcoholised wine, the Premium Reserve Pinot Noir from the Edenvale range holds all the complexity and characteristics of a classic Pinot Noir.

Only the best wine grapes, sourced directly from Australia’s South Eastern wine region are used to craft flavours of ripe, sweet cherries and dark mulberry fruit. With earthy undertones and savoury notes, this is the perfect companion for a roast duck, grilled salmon or tuna bake. It also pairs really well with a canape spread of lighter style cheeses.

Edenvale Premium Reserve Sparkling Shiraz

This is a fun (dry) alternative to a classic dry sparkling Shiraz that holds all the typical Shiraz flavours, minus the alcohol. Blackberry and currant aromas will greet you from the very second you open this bottle of alcohol-free goodness. It’s got a slightly smoky, exotic spiciness, as well as subtle hints of oak to round out the flavour profile. 

Edenvale take exceptional wine grapes from South Eastern Australian vineyards to craft a premium Sparkling Shiraz. The alcohol is then removed, and the resulting non-alcoholic beverage is stored in a glamourous bottle that’s perfect for every occasion from a backyard BBQ to an extravagant do.

Drink this wine with pasta, burgers and chips or a decadent dessert. It’s a perfect pairing for the entire menu.

Premium Reserve Sparkling Blanc de Blanc

Now, this is one non-alcoholic sparkling wine that contains minimal calories, maximum flavour, zero alcohol and lots of antioxidants. It’s a much healthier alternative to a regular Champagne-style wine but it keeps all the fancy nuances that make for one hell of an occasion.

The bottle is dressed in such a gorgeous design that it won’t look even a little bit out of place with the best of the typical celebratory drinks you’re used to.

Delicious peach, citrus, apricot, apple and a complex oaky undertone all work perfectly together to provide a clean, fresh palate that’s completely moreish.

Serve this baby up with smoked salmon, canapes and delicious cheeses – all the types of food you’d expect at a celebration!

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