The Best Wine-alternatives During Pregnancy

Dec 05, 2021

When it comes to drinking during pregnancy, the advice is crystal clear - the safest option is to avoid alcohol altogether.
Pregnant woman holding her belly with heart hands

These days, avoiding alcohol is actually pretty easy - in fact, in my opinion, with so many non alcoholic drinks available, there has never been a better time to be pregnant.  

Is alcohol free wine safe to drink in pregnancy? 

This blog is based on readily available, general information only and not intended as medical advice in any way. Always consult with your healthcare professional first.

While many of our drinks are totally alcohol free, some have a 0.5% ABV. This is still considered to be alcohol-free, because the amount of alcohol is negligible, as Belinda Joyce, a midwife, maternal and child health nurse and author of 'Survive and Enjoy Your Baby' explains. 

“Some foods and drinks we consume with no hesitation have small quantities of alcohol such as fruit juices, soy sauce, vinegar, bread products and ripe fruit. This is because alcohol is produced from ethanol fermentation and this process is used in the production of many foods and drinks and naturally in fruit,” she says. 

What are the best wine alternatives during pregnancy? 

Having said, many of my pregnant customers tell me that they feel more comfortable with wine that is completely free of alcohol. With that in mind, I have put together my top recommendations for the best alcohol free wine alternatives during pregnancy. 

Thomson & Scott Noughty

The blurb: This highly acclaimed non-alcoholic brand has won an array awards and was also described as the closest in taste and mouthfeel to a traditional wine by BBC Good Food. 

The taste: Made from Chardonnay grapes, this non alcoholic sparkling wine has an elegant pale colour, a crisp, ripe apple scent and a very dry finish. 

What customers are saying: "Absolutely love this product! It is the perfect sparkling to share on special occasions or just because you are spending time with friend. Shared with friends and they were truly shocked to learn it was non alcoholic."

Worth noting: Low calorie (14 per 100ml) and zero alcohol. 


A hand holding a bottle of Thomson and Scott Noughty non-alcoholic wine

Thomson & Scott Noughty Rosé

The taste: This sparkling has a classic rose colour and features aromas of freshly picked summer berries. 

What customers are saying: "I've just started my foray into NA wines and I was blown away with the Noughty Rosé. Lovely aroma, colour and bubbles and lots of complex flavours of fruit, floral and yeast without being too sweet. Can easily drink more than one glass and with or without food, which is a bonus. Highly recommended, this might be my go to this summer!" 

Worth noting: Low calorie (14 per 100ml) and zero alcohol. 

Le Petit Etoile Rosé


The blurb: Made in France Pierre Chavin has a passion for producing stylish and unique alcohol free wines with close links to their terroir. 

The taste: Made with Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes this Rosé features aromas of delicate red fruits along with subtle floral and spicy notes. The palate is fresh and lush with mouthwatering pink grapefruit notes. 

Worth noting: Le Petit Étoilé Rosé is organically made, with no added sulphites*, no added preservatives and no added sugar. 

(Natural sulphites may still be present, if you have a sulphite allergy, please check this product with your GP)

What customers are saying: "Five stars - refreshing and not too sweet." 

A bottle of Le Petit Etoile Rosé on a dinner table

Le Petit Etoile Chardonnay


The taste: A pale yellow in colour, this Chardonnay features aromas of acacia flower and white peach along with notes of citrus and vanilla. 

Worth noting: Le Petit Étoilé Chardonnay is organically made with no added sulphites*, no added preservatives and no added sugar.

(Natural sulphites may still be present, if you have a sulphite allergy, please check this product with your GP)

What customers are saying: "Fairly close resemblance to a normal chardonnay - similar taste and quite refreshing."  

Altina Zero Proof Cocktail - La Vie En Rosé


The blurb: Altina is an Australian made range of bespoke non-alcoholic drinks that have been created without any alcohol. 

The taste:  Featuring organic hibiscus and pink rose petals, laced with sweet orange. Lightly sparkling, this Rosé inspired drink has a long, refreshing finish. 

Worth noting: Vegan and low in sugar.

What customers are saying: "I really enjoyed this drink, with a similar vibe to the Italian Spritz by Lyres, but with significantly less sugar. There is definitely more emphasis on the bitter element in the drink which makes it a perfect replacement for an alcoholic drink rather than just going for an ordinary soft drink." 

Cipriani Zero Zero Alcohol Free White Sparkling Wine 


The blurb: From the iconic Cipriani family, the name is behind the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, comes this new zero alcohol free wine. Produced with a patented fermentation technique, and made without pasteurisation or dealcoholisation methods, Cipriani Zero Zero is one of the healthiest available. 

The taste: A straw yellow colour, Cipriani Zero Zero has an elegant and decisive bouquet. A good alternative to Prosecco. 

NON 1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile


The blurb: Ex NOMA Chef William Wade and Melbourne's Aaron Trotman have  crafted the range of expertly crafted, NON non-alcoholic alternatives to classic wines and beverages. You can read my guide to the range of NON beverages here

The taste: with fresh ingredients such as Raspberries, Chamomile and Murray River Salt, this drink is perfectly balanced between sweet & salty with a hint of chamomile for a lingering tannins and a floral finish. 

Worth noting: Zero alcohol and 22 calories per 100ml. 

What customers are saying: "Loved this as bubbly alcohol free alternative. The raspberry flavour is beautiful and the salt really helps with any sweetness. My current alcohol free go to." 

NON 4 Roasted Beetroot & Sansho


The taste: Made with fresh ingredients such as Beetroot, Sansho Pepper, Jalapeno, Tamari, Houjicha, Bay Leaf and Murray River Salt this drink features toasted, savoury notes with layered pepper. 

Worth noting: Low in calories (15 per 100ml) and made without alcohol. 

What customers are saying: "The flavour is just brilliant. Vibrant and full with an edge of spice and funk. Definitely a great option for me as I find a lot of non-alcoholic options a bit light and summery - this was awesome with food. Definitely felt like a bit of an earth goddess drinking this." 

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