Top 5 Zero-Alcohol Drinks for Winter

Jun 24, 2021

Winter is the season for knitwear, beanies and getting cosy! So, when it comes to the best alcohol-free drinks for winter, my personal favourites are the ones that feel like a warm hug. 
Female holding a mug with non-alcoholic mulled wine

From mulled wine to non alcoholic whiskey and everything in between, these are the drinks that will get you through till spring. 

Person pouring a bottle of strangelove ginger beer into a glass

1. Non-alcoholic Mulled wine

In the Northern hemisphere, mulled wine is a bit like Christmas in a cup. Here in the southern hemisphere it is the ultimate in winter warmers (or Christmas in July). With spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon, and fruits such as blackcurrants and cherries, Mulled wine is as comforting as it is delicious.

You can make a do-it-yourself alcohol-free mulled wine very easily with a Mr Consistent mixer and and your favourite alcohol-free red wine such as the Newblood Shiraz. Or if you prefer a ready to drink mulled wine, try Edenvale Hearth Mulled Wine, which can be served warm and garnished with a wedge of orange. 

2. Whisky Mocktails

Monday Distillery non-alcoholic bottle and a mocktail on a gold tray

Whisky Mocktails are another great winter tiple, and with an extra burst from the ginger ale an alcohol free whiskey and dry ginger is a winning combination. There a lots of options here, but my personal favourite is Monday’s ready to drink Dram and Dry.

3. Spiced Rum Mocktail

Winter is definitely the time to spice up your rum mocktails, and when it comes to spice, I can't go past Lyre's Spiced Cane Spirit mixed with Strangelove Hot Ginger Beer. The combination of heat from the ginger root and Sichuan pepper in the ginger beer and the flavour of classic spiced cane spirit is lip smackingly perfect for a chilly night. 

4. Hot chocolate with Amaretto

Hot chocolate is another winter favourite, especially when you need a bit of a pick-me-up. You can make this with instant hot chocolate powder or my melting chocolate into warm milk. Add a splash of alcohol-free spirit for an extra kick of flavour.

My personal favourite combination is hot chocolate with Lyre’s Amaretti. For the ultimate treat add some whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top.

Person holding a cup of Spiced Rum Mocktail

5. Non-Alcoholic Sparkling wine

Of course, the best winter drinks are not necessarily the ones that will help keep you warm! A glass of sparkling wine is welcome all year round – but in winter, I try to choose a sparkling wine that comes with some extra vitamins! 

In terms of bubbles with benefits, I can’t go past Wild Life Sparkling Nude. Every bottle is packed with an impressive array of plant powered benefits such as he calming properties of lemon balm, the soothing properties of damask rose, antioxidant rich rosemary and stimulating damiana. This product is also available in Sparkling Blush

Bottle of Wild Life Sparkling Nude next to glasses filled with non-alcoholic wine

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