A Guide to Jacob’s Creek Unvined Non-Alcoholic Wine

Jun 18, 2021

The name Jacob's Creek is synonymous with Australian wine, so the new Unvined alcohol-free range of wine is great news for non-drinkers.
A woman holding a glass of Jacob's Creek non-alcoholic wine

Jacob's Creek have been crafting wine since 1847, making them one of Australia’s most well-known and trusted brands, which is why I am so excited to see the launch of Jacob's Creek Unvined – an alcohol-free range with the style and dependability you would expect from a world-renowned brand.

Jacob's Creek have crafted the Unvined range with a combination of classic wine making techniques and gentle alcohol-removal. That means that it contains the same quality, flavour and mouthfeel as Jacob's Creek traditional wine. 

Here is a rundown on the range.

Jacob’s Creek Unvined Rosé

The taste: Everything you would expect from a modern Australian Rose - dry, yet refreshing, with vibrant aromas of strawberry and red currant and delicate floral notes. The taste is round and generous, featuring flavours of raspberry coulis and fruits of the forest. 

Worth noting: This Rose contains 50 per cent fewer calories than traditional wine.

Pairs with: Light savoury dishes such as quiche, souffle and salad.

Jacob’s Unvined Creek Shiraz

The taste: Medium-bodied, this Shiraz showcases complex aromas of plum, blackberry, and chocolate spice. The palate is well rounded with flavours of dark berries and blackberry jam. 

Worth noting: This Shiraz contains 50 per cent fewer calories than traditional wine.

Pairs with: Spicy dishes.  

Jacob's Creek Unvined Sparkling

The taste: The Unvined Sparkling has a stubble complexity that makes it easy to drink. With aromas of lemon pith and apple blossom and bright citrus flavours this wine has a clean refreshing finish with a hint of acidity. 

Worth noting: This Sparkling Wine contains 50 per cent fewer calories than traditional wine.

Pairs with: Soufflés or citrus based desserts.

Jacob's Creek Unvined Riesling


The taste: The Unvined Riesling is a lively wine that features aromas of lemon blossom and green apple. Zesty on the palate, this well balanced Riesling has a fresh and crisp finish. 

Worth noting: 29 calories per 100ml. 

Pairs with: Lightly spiced dishes. 

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