The Bilpin Cider Story

Oct 16, 2021

When it comes to non-alcoholic cider, Bilpin are one of our most popular brands. I wanted to find out more about story behind the brand, so I sat down with founder, Sean Prendergast.
Sean Prendergast, Founder of Bilpin Cider

Based in the Blue Mountains, NSW, The Bilpin Cider Co. has now been operating for 10 years. 

What have been the biggest challenges?

"Over the course of 10 years there have been many challenges - probably the most significant was establishing the brands provenance credentials ie a cider company from Bilpin in The Blue Mountains. This was achieved by purchasing a property in Bilpin, establishing an orchard and opening one of the first Cider Cellar Doors in NSW. 

This established the platform for extending the brand range and moving into alcohol free cider. Today we have six alcoholic varieties and five non alcoholic varieties and we receive approx 50,000 visitors to our Cellar Door annually."

What values are integral to the Bilpin Cider Co brand?

"The values that are integral to the brand relate specifically to the integrity of our product. All of our varieties are made from freshly crushed apples, there is no added sugar and they are all gluten free with no added flavourings." 

Can you tell me a bit about the Bilpin region? Why is it so good for growing apples?

"The region of Bilpin was discovered by Archibald Bell. Archibald Bell had a reputation as a stockman and adventurer and in 1823 he forged a stock route across the unforgiving Blue Mountains, on what is today know as Bells Line of Road and the region of Bilpin. The name Bilpin evolved from the area which was known as Bells Pinnicle and shortened to Bilpin over time.
The region was found to have rich and fertile soil across the ridge line and this  allied to the combination of altitude and cooler climate was a perfect environment for growing fruit. Over time Bilpin was established as one of the leading boutique apple growing regions in Australia and was known as “The Land of the mountain apple”
Three bottles of the Bilpin non alcoholic cider range

Why was it important to include non-alcoholic cider in the Bilpin range?

"The non alcoholic range evolved when we opened our Cellar Door and it was clear that there was a significant demand for a non alcoholic variety. From this we offered Bilpin Non alcoholic apple cider which was very popular. Our customers demanded more variety and we delivered with continuous additions to the range culminating in a range today of 5 varieties (pictured above)" 

How are non-alcoholic ciders made?

"Our Bilpin Non alcoholic ciders are made using only freshly crushed fruit (apple being the common fruit across all varieties). Following a gentle crush the juice is settled in fermentation and if necessary additional fruit juice is added depending on the variety- however we do not add any yeast so that fermentation is not initiated.  This batch is then carbonated and bottled and ready for consumption." 

Guide to Bilpin Cider Co non-alcoholic cider 

Bilpin Non Alcoholic Cider


The taste: This is the alcohol free version of the original Bilpin Cider made with freshly crushed Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples. 

What customers are saying: "Perfect flavour." 

Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Cider Apple & Ginger


The taste: Along with freshly crushed Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples, freshly crushed ginger juice adds a warm spicy taste and zing. 

What customers are saying: "Great flavour, nice blend of ginger with an apple kick. Delicious." 

Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Cider Apple & Raspberry


The taste: A slightly tart cider made with a combination of freshly crushed Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples and raspberry. 

What customers are saying: "Great refreshing taste, just perfect blend." 

Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Cider Apple & Lemon


The taste: This thirst quenching cider has been made with a combination of Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples along with zesty fresh lemons. 

What customers are saying: "This was my favorite of all the ciders we sampled at Bilpin, so refreshing! and I’m so happy I can drop in to your freshie store to stock up now!" 

Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Cider Apple & Blood Orange


The Taste: Made with a combination of Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples along with tangy blood orange this cider has a delicious  apple and citrus flavour.  

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