The best beer wine and spirit reviews

Oct 10, 2021

Every day customers from the Sans Drinks community leave reviews on our alcohol free beer, wine and spirits. These reviews, good, bad and ugly, are one of the reasons that people love to shop with me.
Two people enjoying non-alcoholic Gin Mocktails

Here are some of my favorite beer wine and spirit reviews from the last few weeks. 

Thomson & Scott Noughty

Sans Drinks Thomson and Scott Noughty Review

Latest 5 star review: "This is the most champagne like AF sparkling wine I have tasted. It's incredibly good. I love it. Not too sweet (or dry). A very special tipple." 


Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Blush

Sans Drinks Wild Life Blush review

Latest five star review: "Felt like we were drinking champagne as it had a crisp initial burst on the tip of the tongue followed by an understated blush of rosey sweetness at the back of the tongue. All four of us gave it a big thumbs up at lunch time." 


V.NO Sparkling Wine 

Sans Drinks V.NO Sparkling wine review

Latest 5 star review: "This is a good week day drink when you feel like an 'adult' drink without the alcohol." 

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Heaps Normal Quiet XPA

Sans Drinks Heaps normal review

Latest 5 star review: "There's a reason why this won at the World Beer Awards. This has so much flavour and honestly, if I was only allowed to have one beer for the rest of my life, I would happily pick this one."



Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll (Gin Substitute)

Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll Review

Latest 5 star review: "I love Gin and I love this AF Gin substitute. It makes a really tasty drink and I was pleasantly surprised."


Hellfire Bluff Inspirit Non-Alcoholic Pink Gin

Sans Drinks Hellfire review

Latest 5 star review: "Current favourite NA Gin! Spice heavy like a winter gin rather than a traditional London Dry style, and with more depth of flavour than some of the others I've tried"


Lyre's Dry London Spirit 

Sans Drinks Lyres spirits review

Latest 5 star review: "I've only been an aficionado of non-alcoholic drinks for about a year. I used to drink alcohol but now cannot due to health issues. I loved gin and missed it a lot. I've been trying a few different ones and so far this is by far my favourite. It actually tastes like gin, whereas some of the others I've tried don't taste of anything, and still others taste like something but not gin. I'm on my third bottle now and will continue to buy this one." 


I love reading your reviews - please keep writing them! 

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