The Naked Life story

Sep 24, 2021

The Naked Life story begins back in 2016 when founder David Andrew gave up sugar. Since then the 'no nasties' brand has grown from soft drink aficionados to alcohol-free enthusiasts - and their new range of mocktails and premixed drinks makes them a brand to watch.
A can of Naked Life Italian Spritz and a non-alcoholic italian spritz mockail

I really relate to David's story as I had a similar epiphany back in 2012 when I founded Nourished Life.  

Naked Life have just launched a new range of delicious preservative free, sugar free, low calorie premixed drinks which includes 11 non-alcoholic cocktails including a Gin & Tonic, Italian Spritz (non-alc Aperitif Spritz), Classic Pimms Alternative, and a premixed Negroni Spritz. In this blog I talk to the brand creator David Andrew to find out more about Naked Life, the 'no nasties' ethos and the new range. 

Where did the inspiration for Naked Life come from?

The journey to a Naked Life has been years in the making and began on my kitchen counter. We started in 2016 when I had given up sugar and there were no options around. I've always loved flavours and been strongly into wine and cooking and so started playing around to try and make a sugar-free tonic water to put with my Gin.

This was a long journey of experimentation and actually ended up instead launching a range of sparkling soda's Naked Life Sparkling in some fun flavours (like lemonade with cucumber). It turns out that I wasn't the only one who was looking for a better-for-you drink without the artificial stuff in it!

Naked Life founder David Andrew

The key point was that we believe that you never have to compromise. You can have both - and so we are on a mission to provide great experiences for Australians who don't want sugar or artificial sweeteners - but still want a great drink.

Tell me about the decision to start making alcohol free premixed drinks? 

I could see that the number of people drinking alcohol had started to shift and the environment was changing. We were behind the trends here in Australia so we then shifted our resources to seeing if we could use our expertise in flavour, to create an amazing experience in the non-alcohol market. As I have Samoan roots, sharing moments with family and friends has always been an integral part of my life. Celebrating these moments often go hand-in-hand with alcoholic drinks. However, the options outside of that are limited. We all know how frustrating it is when you're at an event your only option is a lemon lime bitters. 

It was then that I came across the ability to distill botanicals (similar to what you would do in Gin) but use these in a non-alcoholic beverage. This was the game-changer that gave the confidence to a) make an amazing tasting drink - and b) that people were going to value our craft and provenance of ingredients and therefore value our drinks.

Many thought we were crazy! (Why are you even bothering... it will never work... no Australian wants a non-alcoholic drink...etc) but I’m so glad we pushed on. Now we are able to invite everyone to truly enjoy these valuable moments.

Part of the ethos of Naked Life is ‘no nasties’, why is this so integral to the brand?  

We believe that you don't need to have artificial sweeteners and other nasties to be able to create a great sugar free drink. In the same way that instead of trying to create a drink to meet a certain cost - we take the other way around - we try and craft the best tasting drink we can, no matter what the cost is, using the best ingredients and distilled botanicals to land on something that tastes amazing first - and then we find a way to make it work.

Naked Life mocktails and a can of naked life negroni spritz

This stems from a belief that it’s possible to champion the good things in life without compromising on what’s important.   

The new range also includes some new mocktails – can you tell me what drove the new selection?

Our new sparkling cocktail range was selected by both the popularity of the drinks -  researching the top-voted drinks across Australia and the globe - as well as the ability to redefine what the drink actually delivers as an experience.

We want to make sure we can provide the most loved drinks and also deliver them in our own way. 

A can of Naked life american malt spritz and a mocktail

Who are Naked Life drinks for? 

We love how this trend is emerging. We have some specific target markets we are focusing on that are those that can't drink for health or other reasons. Next to that, we can see a broader 'sober curious/ mindful drinking' audience growing rapidly.

We have gone out on a limb with our amber range believing that we could entice even those that would not normally consider a non-alcoholic rum and coke - in the hope that great-tasting alternatives would bring them into the market. I’m happy to say we've been pleasantly surprised: not only are we getting trial from a target market we thought would be difficult, but also have received some great feedback from the market as a whole.

It is a key part of our campaign which is to "Redefine your moments". Historically alcohol and celebrations have gone hand in hand - because there were no other options. Now that we have great options, we are inviting Australians to redefine what a celebrated moment actually is by removing the hard connection and providing them with an option. We aren't advocating to give up alcohol - we are saying that you can now select how you choose to celebrate your moment. 

The new range 

Naked Life Margarita Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


The taste: Recently awarded a bronze medal at the 2021 Melbourne International Spirits Competition, this drink gives other Margarita mocktails a run for their money. Crafted with Tahitian lime extract and Murray River pink salt, this mocktail delivers a tart, citrusy and salty margarita taste experience. 

Worth noting: Zero sugar. 2 calories per 100ml. 

What customers are saying: "I love these, super refreshing with a zesty flavour, not that close to the flavour of an actually Margarita but an awesome substitute." 

Naked Life Italian Spritz Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


The taste: New to the range, this alcohol free take on an Aperitif spritz premix has been lovingly created from extracts and distillates of bitter orange, rhubarb root, cinchona, gentian root and orange blossom. 

Worth noting: Zero sugar and 3 calories per 100ml. 

Naked Life Classic G&T Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


The taste: This sugar free, non alcoholic gin and tonic delivers a complex yet familiar flavour profile, using distilled botanicals and extracts of lemon, bitter orange and cinchona, top noted with juniper berry. Subtly bitter, refreshing and crisp

Worth noting: Zero sugar and 2 calories per 100ml 

What customers are saying: "I absolutely love these. Poured over a glass with ice and a bit of lemon they are refreshing and tasty and so similar to a G&T." 

Naked Life Negroni Spritz Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


The taste: New to the Naked Life collection, this Negroni Spritz mocktail boasts a full flavour profile that blends cherry, apple, lemon and orange extracts with a characteristic bitterness of cinchona and bitter orange. 

Worth noting: Zero sugar and 3 calories per 100ml. 

Naked Life Scottish Sour Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


The taste: Another new taste sensation, this non alcoholic whiskey sour will impress with a balance of smooth Scottish whiskey and the tartness and zest of lemon extracts.

Worth noting: Zero sugar and 2 calories per 100ml. 

Naked Life Wimbledon Spritz Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


The taste: Formally known as the English Garden Spritz, this award winning mocktail is an alcohol free take on a classic Pimms and lemonade. The complex flavour profile features a fruity, bitter gin and a medley of Tahitian lime, Nigerian Ginger, distilled botanical of cucumber and lemonade. 

Worth noting: Zero sugar and 3 calories per 100g. 

What customers are saying: "This is really good! Not too sweet, a little bit bubbly and has a very nice taste. Perfect with ice and a slice of lime." 

Naked Life Yuzu Sake Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


The taste: Winner of a bronze medal at the 2021 Melbourne International Spirits Competition, this Yuzu Sake mocktail blends the subtle flavour of Japanese sake with citrus and umami.

Worth noting: Zero sugar and 2 calories per 100ml. 

What customers are saying: "Can't fault this drink - tastes exactly how I like it.'

Naked Life Non-Alcoholic American Malt Spirit & Cola


The taste: This sugar free non alcoholic rum and cola pairs the rich and smooth flavours of caramel, vanilla and classic toasted American oak with refreshing cola. 

Worth noting: zero sugar 2 calories per 100ml 

Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Canadian Rye Dry & Lime


The taste:  A great, alcohol free alternative to traditional Canadian whisky and ginger ale. 

Worth noting: zero sugar and 2 calories per 100ml.  

Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Australian Cane Spirit & Cola


The taste: A great, alcohol free, alternative to the classic rum and cola.

Worth noting: Zero sugar and 5 calories per can.  

Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Spiced Caribbean Dry & Lime


The taste: A great alcohol free alternative to a spiced rum and dry ginger 

Worth noting: Zero sugar and 2 calories per 100ml 

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