About Irene Falcone

Founder & Director of Sans Drinks

About Irene Falcone

Founder & Director of Sans Drinks

From the creator & founder of Nourished Life

I launched Sans Drinks in 2020 after being frustrated with the low quality, sugar loaded non-alcoholic alternatives that were available in supermarkets and bottle shops. Plus, for someone looking to cut back on alcohol, the last thing I’d expect anyone to do is to step inside a bottle-o where temptation lies on every shelf. And so, Australia’s first alcohol-free superstore was born!

But my journey to finding better, healthier product alternatives didn’t start here. Back in 2012, I founded Nourished Life to help change the way Aussies shop for beauty and wellness products. After selling Nourished Life in 2017, I wanted to keep creating positive change in people’s lives and the alcohol industry was a perfect place to channel my passions while disrupting traditional industries!

Fast forward a few years and San Drinks is now Australia’s first physical non-alcoholic bottle shop and online superstore in Sydney’s Westfield Warringah Mall. Seeing how pleased my customers are with my delicious non-alcoholic options has given me the confidence to open up more stores around Australia very soon!


Many Australians are reducing the amount of booze they drink after realising alcohol can have a lasting effect on our health and wellbeing which has caused people to seek healthier drink alternatives.

But when it comes to healthier alcohol alternatives, I’m a firm believer that alcohol-free drinks don’t just need to look the part, they need to taste great too! That’s why I launched Sans Bar and Ms Sans to offer a real non-alcoholic alternative to spirits that anyone can enjoy.

Creating my own low sugar and low calorie alcohol-free drinks has helped me cut out the middleman and offer my customers more natural beverages at better prices. I currently make some amazing alcohol-free spirits, mocktail blends and ready-to-drink drinks, but I’m already planning on shaking up some new products that I can’t wait to serve you soon.

The beauty of Sans Drinks is I’ve done all the research and hard work for you so you know whatever non-alcoholic drink you’re drinking is going to be delicious and as close to the real thing as possible. No more hunting for a decent non-alcoholic wine or the perfect mocktail. You’ve found your answer to healthier, more mindful drinking here!

“I’m passionate about disrupting industries and challenging the norm while providing better shopping experiences for the everyday Aussie.”

“Just like Nourished Life, my new mission has always been to give people better shopping choices.”

– Irene Falcone

Founder & Director of Sans Drinks

“The biggest disruption to the liquor industry since prohibition."

– Channel 7

“The biggest disruption to the liquor industry since prohibition."

– Channel 7

In creating Sans Drinks, Australia’s first physical non-alcoholic bottle shop and online superstore, I have done all the research and hard work for you. I am passionate about making alcohol free drinks fun, sexy and part of everyday drinking. At Sans Drinks, we only use recycled, Australian made cardboard and paper based wrapping materials to protect your bottles in transit.

My Favourite Food & Drink Pairings

Nice lingering dry tanins after-taste that is pleasant, noticeable different profile to other shiraz AF


Sans Bar Spritzing In Venice Non-Alcoholic Aperitif Spritz

Sans Bar

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 41 reviews

The 1920 Sparkling Shiraz pairs perfectly with a hearty wild mushroom risotto. The earthy flavours of the mushrooms complement the wine's unsweetened dark chocolate notes, while the creamy risotto balances the wine's fine bubbles. Top with shaved parmesan cheese and serve with crusty bread.

From Irene Falcone, Founder of Nourished Life

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