The Ultimate Guide to McGuigan Zero Non-Alcoholic Wines

Nov 05, 2020

From Australia’s premier wine region, the picturesque Hunter Valley in NSW, The McGuigan Winery has stood tall since the early 90s, filling wine cellars across the globe with their wide range of delicious drops.
The full range of McGuigan non-alcoholic wine on a table

McGuigans is known for their mix of traditional and innovative winemaking processes, as well as a strong commitment to sustainable winemaking practices. McGuigan Wine is the winner of multiple International Winemaker of the Year Awards and have now launched a range of non-alcoholic wines called McGuigan Zero

The McGuigan Zero range does not contain any artificial sweeteners or flavours, and being alcohol-free, they are also lower in calories than regular wines.

These wines are expertly de-alcoholised using a combination of very low heat and spinning cone technique to gently remove the alcohol, while still retaining the flavours. 

What Wines are in the McGugan Zero range?

McGuigan Zero Dry Rosé

This is a smooth dry style rosé with a flavour profile of pink grapefruit, strawberry and aromatic rose petals. Overall this is a well-balanced and crisp, wine with a dry finish.

McGuigan Zero Dry Sparkling

This Sparkling wine alternative has a dry, crisp profile with plenty of bubbles and notes of pear and green apple. This also makes an excellent base for a Champagne-style mocktail.

McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc

This non-alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc has generous aromas of gooseberry and citrus fruits with notes of passionfruit and lime, a subtle grassy tone and a crisp clean finish.

McGuigan Zero Shiraz

A full-bodied shiraz ideal for any occasion. Best served slightly chilled,it has notes of vanilla, forest berries and plum.

McGuigan Zero Chardonnay

This has all of the characteristics of a traditional full bodied Chardonnay with aroma of white peach and subtle oak with hints of honey melon and a balanced finish. 

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