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The Ultimate Guide to McGuigan Non-Alcoholic Wines

From Australia’s premier wine region, the picturesque Hunter Valley in NSW, The McGuigan Winery has stood tall since the early 90s, filling wine cellars across the globe with their wide range of delicious drops.
The full range of McGuigan non-alcoholic wine on a table

They invoke a flawless mix of traditional and innovative winemaking values and processes, as well as a strong commitment to sustainable winemaking practices. Their wines are all free of artificial sweeteners and flavours so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body.

McGuigan Wine has been named winners of the International Winemaker of the Year Award FOUR TIMES. Yep, four times. That’s a mean feat to accomplish and it’s how we can be sure that McGuigan are dead serious about keeping a lead on their global winemaking competitors.
Now, the question we’ve all come here to ask…

Which wines do McGuigan make in their alcohol free McGuigan Zero range, and what do we benefit from drinking them?

McGuigan Zero wines poured into a glass

Well, you’ve got the usual health benefits of drinking non-alcoholic wines vs alc, the fact that McGuigan don’t add any artificial sweeteners or flavours to their wines and that the non-alc versions are lower in calories and contain no added refined sugar. The two main points though are that McGuigan use a special low-heat technique to gently remove the alcohol, allowing the remaining wine to keep the full-bodied flavour of its alcoholic counterpart AND they use all the same grapes to make their alcohol-free range as they would the same wines in their alcohol-filled range. Genius.

Let me take you though the range of McGuigan Zero wines

McGuigan Zero Dry Rosé

McGuigan Zero Dry Rose bottle

One of my best selling wines, this is a punchy, Rosé that’s daringly dry and made for people who like the fruity, floral Rosé taste, without a super sweet kick.

The flavour profile includes pink grapefruit, strawberry and other sweet fruits, as well as aromatic rose petals. These tastes blend together to create a well-balanced, generous palate with the added surprise of a crisp, dry finish.

You can pick up this wine in a both large 750ml or cutesy 200ml sized bottle.


McGuigan Zero Dry Sparkling

McGuigan Zero Dry Sparkling bottle

My absolute best seller! Another dry addition to the McGuigan Zero range, this Sparkling wine is packed full of bubbles with a well-balanced, full-bodied flavour. The crisp, dry finish is just the cherry on top.

McGuigan winemakers take everything that’s great about a regular Sparkling and expertly remove the alcohol so that those of us who prefer a healthier celebratory option can still join in the fun. Pear and green apple flavours provide a zingy kick that tastes amazing with seafood or a fruit platter. You can also have some fun and make a Champagne-style cocktail.

This wine is also available in both the 750ml size and the smaller 200ml size. 

McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc

A classic Sauv Blanc, sans the alcohol. What more could any off-the-wagon white wine lover need? 

The perfect accompaniment for fresh oysters, pan-seared fish or Japanese-style dishes, the traditional Sauv taste really shines through to mingle well with these kinds of delicacies. It’s crisp, refreshing and is derived from only the best wine grapes to avoid having to add any refined sugar or artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Pick up a 750ml bottle of this delicious drop today and pair it with your next lazy night in or family lunch gathering.


McGuigan Zero Shiraz

McGuigan Zero Shiraz

The full-bodied flavour of a regular Shiraz is perfectly captured in the McGuigan Zero non-alcoholic Shiraz. This is one red wine that suits every occasion (even when it’s your turn to be designated driver).

Best served slightly chilled, this is a true winner to pair with a fancy charcuterie board at a high-end venue or a chilled backyard BBQ at your mate’s place. Notes of vanilla and spice mingle with forest berries and plums as sweet blackcurrants round off the taste sensation that’s jam-packed into every bottle of this rambunctious red.

Shop the Sans Drinks online store to find a 750ml bottle of this baby and have it delivered straight to your door in time for your next event!

McGuigan Zero Chardonnay

All the characteristics of a traditionally full-bodied, dry Chardy are present in McGuigan’s alcohol-free version. It’s almost indistinguishable from its alcoholic counterpart. 

Typical white peach aromas come alive from the minute you take the top off this zero-proof wine alternative. Vanilla and subtle oak scents join the club from the first sip, as well as flavours of stone fruits and honey melon. It’s a delicate balance of sweet fruits and a dry finish.

Give this 750ml bottle a go next time you’re looking for a healthier, less messy version of your favourite white wine.

So, there you have it; a perfect round up of the McGuigan Zero range one for every occasion!

Vivienne White - January 9, 2021

Could you please tell me where i can buy these in Victoria and give me a rough estimate of price per bottle..
Thank you

Dot - January 9, 2021

Hi what are the calories in your non-alcohol range?

Gaylia Griffiths - January 9, 2021

Hi I’m really interested in trying your range, I love champagne and wine and hubby beer. Do you have samples to buy before I buy quantities. live at Kingscliff NSW where can I buy nearby Tweed Heads is nearby.

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