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What is the German Purity Law?

What this about the Purity Law? I hear you ask. Also known as the Reinheitsgebot it is a list of rules that is written so that when making beer the ingredients is only allowed to made from four key ingredients. It is also known as the ‘Purity law’ introduced in 1516 by Duke Wilhelm 1V of Bavaria.  For 500 years this law has served Germany very well! The most important aspects of this beer are the four ingredients and many Germans argue that this makes the beer better and purer.

Hops, yeast, water and barley are the only ingredients that can be utilised to make beer. It excludes wheat and rye. Interestingly, the law is still in force today!

Beer was a traditional drink from Bavaria and many people were brewing it. There was a competitive atmosphere amongst beer brewers.  There was a competition regarding the price of wheat and rye.

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So, this is why the German beer purity law of 1516 limited the beermaking ingredient to barley, hops, and water and left out rye and wheat!

People can still be found arguing today about this law! Some people argue that the law has limited any innovations in the making and brewing of beer. Others state that the law was simply made as a means of taxation.  Then there are the purists and the beer enthusiasts who in Germany and in other parts of the world celebrate the Purity law every single year!

The law is still going strong today and is getting even stronger with the passage of time!

Using only these four ingredients the purity law has been significant in making over forty different types of beer. For example, Alt, Pils, Kolsch are just some famous samples for thirsty beer lovers everywhere.

Germany is known by many consumers of beer as the king of beer or in fact, the ‘beer nation.’

Many people are completely convinced this is because of the German purity law!

The purity law determines that the art of crafting the finest beer is adhered to and makes for the finest drop of amber heaven nectar!

Foreign demand for German beer remains at a highpoint. With the more sophisticated beer connoisseur realising that German beers are utterly delicious and have the best tasting palette.

There are many people buying German beer in all countries but consumer demand is exceptionally high in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Chine and America just to name a few.

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Amazingly Germans love beer to such an extent that they celebrate beer, no kidding they actually have a day to take joy in celebrating beer and its on the 23rd of April!

The Czech Republic love their beer and they also use the purity law.

The best-known Czech beers are the lager beers.  The most famous towns are Pilsen, Budweis and Bohemia. They also have a beer museum and the first known beer brewing instruction book.  They are known for producing the original golden beer.

Since 2005, the law now allows other ingredients other than the traditional barley, hop, water and yeast but only if the product is not called beer.

Germany has over 5,000 different beers just using these four ingredients. German brewers have managed to create a huge range of beers that are unparalled in comparison to any other beers in the whole world.

There is a direct quote, ‘Hops and malt for beer, may God preserve them here,” and this pertains to the four allowed ingredients in the making of traditional beer!

German beer uses no preservatives, absolutely nothing is added during the brewing process. The brewing process is just a little longer. The beers are brewed for at least four weeks.  The ingredients that are used to make the beer are naturally preservatives. 

Benefits to Australians of drinking beer from Germany are that German beer has no preservatives and produces some of the finest beer in all of the world. So naturally, discerning Australians are smart enough to want to enjoy truly a great brew.

Some beers do have preservatives but German beer is preservative free! The beer is true to brewery tradition and relies on the natural wholesome ingredients themselves to act as preservatives that are all natural and far better for you. In fact, the processing time is increased to make sure that the ingredients instinctively produce a longer shelf time.

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