Five winter warmers to share with a friend

Jul 30, 2021

To celebrate International Friendship day, here are five winter warmers to enjoy with your BFF.
Girlfriends drinking non-alcoholic wine on picnic blanket

A good friend can cheer you up on the low days and share your joy on the good days. A good friend can make you roar with laughter or tear up with love. In fact, friends, whether you’ve known them for decades or months, are one of life’s greatest delights. 

With lockdowns and closed borders, a lot of us have been separated from our friends, but the Helen Keller quote goes, ‘best friends can be apart in distance, but never in heart.’  

Two women enjoying non-alcoholic red wine

So, on international friendship day, I thought it would be worth rounding up the best winter warmers to share with a friend, whether it be on person, on Zoom or a date in the diary for a future catch up.

Lyre's Dark & Stormy


Whether it's smooth sailing or dark and stormy, a good friend is someone you can navigate uncharted waters with. 

The taste: This ready to drink Dark & Spicy is a perfect blend of Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit and fiery, warming, ginger beer. With notes of caramel, fudge, fig toasted nuts and vanilla, this full-flavoured beverage has a long lingering finish

What customers are saying: "This is like the real thing. It’s sweet, spicy and warm." 

Thomson & Scott Soughty

A good friendship is something to celebrate, and that means bubbles! Although it's served chilled, when you share this best-selling sparkling wine with a friend you'll both have a warm glow. 

The taste: This premium sparkling Chardonnay is close in taste, mouthfeel and aroma to an excellent French Champagne. Pale in colour, it has an extra dry, crisp taste. 

What customers are saying: "I have worked my way through quite a few brands trying to find a delicious AF alternative. I finally struck gold. This is hands down the best sparkling I have tried." 


Friendship forged by fire drinking non-alcoholic drinks

Monday Distillery Dram Sour

While there is nothing sour about a good friend, the whisky-like warmth in this drink is perfect for reminiscing about campfires and holidays. 

The taste: Dram Sour is Monday's ready to drink blend of non alcoholic whiskey inspired smokey malt and native Kakadu plum. With aromas of sweet strawberry and subtle musk tones it has notes of finely-aged whiskey. 

What customers are saying:  "I love a whiskey sour on special occasions and have been looking all over for an alc free option. This was really enjoyable, nice fizz, great smell and flavour."

V.NO Red Wine

They say that wine improves with age and in my experience, so does friendship! 

The taste: V.NO is a premium red wine from South Australia. It has aromas of dark fruit and subtle vanilla and spice tones. The palate is well balanced and has a fine tannin structure and soft mouthfeel. 

What customers are saying: "I love my red wine and have tried all the alternatives out there - this is one of the best." 


Two people holding mugs filled with Mulled wine

Mulled wine


Mulled wine is a classic winter warmer that is best served with friends. 

The taste: With notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, aniseed and black forest jam, The Mr Consistent Mulled Wine mixer is the taste of Christmas in a bottle. Mix with your favourite alcohol-free red wine

What customers are saying: "This mulled wine mixer works perfectly with any of the non-alcoholic red wines on offer. Very satisfying." 


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