Your 2022 Guide To Non-Alcoholic Rum

Apr 01, 2022

Did you know that rum is the oldest spirit in the world? The first rum distillation took place in the Caribbean in the 1620s which led to it becoming the first alcoholic drink to be manufactured for enjoyment and not just for medicinal reasons.
A woman holding a non-alcoholic rum mocktail

Rum has strong links to the high seas, perhaps because up until the 18th Century sailors used rum as a type of currency and was even used as part of a sailors salary. 

Fast forward to the 21st century and the Caribbean is still home to Bacardi, the biggest rum distillery in the world, who produce a whopping 100,000 litres of rum every day - enough to fill more than 600 baths. 

Rum is also an extremely versatile drink and works really well with mixers such as ginger beer and cola and in cocktails such as the Mojito. And the good news is that there are lots of non-alcoholic rum alternatives that are every bit as delicious as the original. 

Here are my favourite alcohol-free rum drinks 

1. Ms Sans Mojito

The product: I created the Ms Sans mocktail range so that customers can enjoy a fuss-free cocktail at home. Made in Australia, Ms Sans is low calorie and is sweetened with a natural fruit extract. 

The taste: Featuring a cuban inspired non-alcoholic rum along with Tahitian lime and fresh garden mint this mocktail tastes exactly like a classic Mojito. 

What customers are saying: “One of the most accurate tasting n/a cocktails I’ve had since I stopped drinking. Always loved a good mojito, so it was nice to have one again. I really loved that although it’s low sugar, it didn’t have the after taste that a lot of the other low sugar cocktails have.” 

Recipe to try: Ms Sans Classic Mojito Mocktail

2. Lyre's Spiced Cane Spirit

The product: Made by the multi-award-winning Lyre's Spirits, this zero alcohol rum is the perfect alternative to a classic spiced rum. 

The taste: This full flavoured rum alternative features notes of caramel, molasses and toasted nuts along with undertones of spiced vanilla. 

What customers are saying: "This is one of my favourites from the Lyres Spirits brand. It is great with coke and as a base for non-alcoholic dark rum cocktails." 

Recipe to try: Lyre's Dark and Spicy Rum Mocktail

3. Lyre's White Cane Spirit

The product: Just like a classic white Rum, this product is a great alternative to Bacardi. 

The taste: Featuring well rounded flavours of oak and sugar cane along with notes of marzipan, orange and coconut. A subtle hint of pepper on the finish gives this drink an authentic rum-like mouthfeel. 

What customers are saying: “I bought this recently at the Freshwater store and love it. With a dash of lime and soda - so refreshing and fancy!” 

Recipe to try: Lyre's Old Cuban Rum Mocktail

4. Lyre's Dark Cane Spirit 

The product: Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit is a convincing alternative to a classic Dark Rum. 

The taste: Full-bodied with a long finish, this rum alternative features aromas of dark, salty caramel along with hints of vanilla, orange and maple. 

What customers are saying: “Amazing flavour of caramel with a hint of heat. It has the same mouth feel as the alcoholic version and feels really special to drink.” 

Recipe to try: Lyre's Cuba Libre Rum Mocktail

5. Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy

The product: Pre-mixed to perfection by Monday Distillery, this drink is an alcohol free version of the classic Dark & Stormy. 

The taste: Featuring a fiery ginger zing along with zesty citrus notes and spiced rum undertones. 

What customers are saying: “Hadn’t tried Monday Distillery before and these ones were delicious! Super gingery with that nice punchy spice - loved it.” 

6. Ovant Royal

The product: Made by Ovant in Margaret River, Ovant Royal is a wonderful alternative to rum. 

The taste: Featuring aromas of cinnamon, star anise along with subtle hints of ripe elderberry, this alcohol free rum has a textured and  juicy mouthfeel. 

Recipe to try: Ovant Fashionably Royal Rum Mocktail

7. Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Australian Cane Spirit & Cola

The product: Made by Naked Life who have a ‘no nasties’ ethos, this pre-mixed drink is an alcohol free alternative to a classic Aussie rum and coke. 

The taste: Featuring the essence of spiced Queensland cane spirit along with notes of molasses, vanilla and caramel. 

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