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Mixers That Are Calorie Free

Traditional tonic water contains around 34 calories per 100mls, so while it’s not a high calorie mixer, it does contain sugar and it’s not calorie free. If you are trying to remove calories, our collection of calorie free tonic waters are delicious. Brands include Naked Life.

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Popular Questions

How much sugar is in tonic water?

Traditional tonic water is a carbonated soft drink with a distinctive bitter taste. Although tonic water isn’t as high in sugar as sodas such as cola and lemonade, it does contain around 9g of sugar and 34 calories per 100g. Calorie free tonic such as Naked Life sugar free Indian Tonic are free from both sugar and calories.

What is the best low cal tonic water?

There are a number of low calorie and calorie free tonic options on the market. The best one for you is the one that suits your own taste preferences. Sans Drinks customers have consistently rated Naked Life tonic water, a calorie free tonic, highly.

Is there a sugar free tonic?

There are a number of sugar free tonic waters on the market. However, many sugar free tonics contain artificial sweeteners. Naked Life calorie free tonic water is naturally sweetened with stevia.