Mocktail Recipes

Cucumber Highball mocktail garnished with cucumber ribbons and orange wedges

Crisp and refreshing, cucumbers are a delightful addition to any summer mocktail. This delicious drink pairs homemade cucumber mix with Noughty’s brut sparkling Chardonnay. Highly acclaimed, this non-alcoholic sparkling wine is close in taste to an excellent French Champagne, with crisp and ripe apple aromas and a dry finish. Perfect for entertaining, this mocktail looks great served in a highball glass with cucumber ribbons and an orange wheel to garnish.

Cucumber mix
1 cucumber
100ml Water
2 cucumber ribbons
50ml cucumber mix
10ml lemon juice
5ml simple syrup
Noughty sparkling wine
  1. Blend a cucumber with water in a processor.
  2. With a peeler make cucumber ribbons.
  3. Take a high ball glass, add the cucumber ribbons so that they stick to the inside edge of the glass and fill with ice.
  4. Into a chilled cocktail shaker add cucumber mix, lemon juice, syrup and ice then shake.
  5. Strain into glass.
  6. Top with Noughty and serve.

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