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Three Non-alcoholic peach bellini in champagne glasses garnished with strawberries and mint leaves

The iconic Peach Bellini originated in Venice, Italy, in the 1930’s or 40’s where peaches were a favoured summer fruit. The blush hue of this delicious pink mocktail led to its title - it was named after 15th Century Renaissance artist, Giovanni Bellini, who used soft pink colours in several of his paintings. A fan favourite, the mocktail pairs pureed peach mix with Noughty’s brut sparkling Chardonnay, a highly acclaimed non-alcoholic replica of French Champagne. The crisp, dry finish of the sparkling wine balances out the sweetness of the peach puree. Simple and elegant, it delivers a taste of summer. For the best experience, garnish with slices of peach on a skewer and a plump sprig of mint.

Puree mix
400g tinned peaches in juice
25 peach puree
5 simple syrup (ideally natural and not refined sugar)
Noughty sparkling wine
  1. Blend a tin of peaches with a little juice until smooth in a processor.
  2. Take a flute glass, chill with ice and soda and empty, or keep in the fridge if you have time.
  3. Pure the peach puree into the glass.
  4. Add the syrup.
  5. Top with Noughty.
  6. Give a stir and serve.

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