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Mocktail Recipes

Plus and Minus Mulled Wine

Plus and Minus Mulled Wine

With a long history dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, mulled wine is a staple in colder climates, particularly during the festive season. This delicious warm, spiced wine is alcohol-free and perfect to make as a batch for parties and winter get-togethers. Using high-quality grapes sourced from premium vineyards in South Australia, the red wines from Plus and Minus are vibrant and serve a great base for the mix. Distinctive spices build depth and flavour, and the honey or maple adds a lovely sweetness. Serve warm and garnish with orange wheels and cinnamon for the traditional festive look.

1x bottle of Plus and Minus Pinot Noir or Shiraz
3x star anise
1x 1/4 cup of honey or maple syrup! (we used maple!)
2x cinnamon sticks
6x whole cloves
1x orange, cut into slices for garnishing and finishing flavours!
  1. Place all the ingredients into a saucepan and bring to simmer (not boil, as the aromatics will dissipate). Leave on very low heat for 10 minutes!
  2. Serve with orange slices and your favourite garnish (cinnamon for us)

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