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Mocktail Recipes

The Noughty Singer Champagne Mocktail

The Noughty Singer Champagne Mocktail

A bubbly delight with a delicious cherry hit - what’s not to love! Named for the Tavern where it was created, this champagne mocktail is a decadent blend of flavours and presents with a bright pop of crimson colour. At its core is Noughty’s highly acclaimed brut sparkling Chardonnay, a premium non-alcoholic replica of an excellent French Champagne with crisp and ripe apple notes and a dry flavour profile. The addition of the tart sweetness of cherry and the sweet nutty taste of orgeat elevates the mocktail to the next level. Refreshing and indulgent, this cherry bombshell is great for entertaining, and sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

1 maraschino cherry
2 ml cherry juice
5 ml Orgeat syrup
Noughty sparkling wine
  1. Take Nick & Nora glass, chill with ice and soda and empty, or keep in the fridge if you have time.
  2. Place one maraschino cherry with a little juice into the glass.
  3. Add the orgeat syrup.
  4. Top with Noughty.
  5. Give a stir and serve.
Created at the Singer Tavern, London.

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