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Non-alcoholic martini made with Wilfred's aperitif

A twist on the classic Martini, this delicious mocktail is bursting with flavours of zesty and bitter citrus presented in a bright pink drink, delighting the senses. Wilfred’s non-alcoholic bittersweet orange and rosemary aperitif forms the complex and distinctive base. Cranberry and grapefruit juice contribute a tart, zesty profile while tangy lime and traditional bitters balance the sophisticated flavours nicely. Elegant and memorable, simply mix and serve in a Martini glass with a garnish of Maraschino cherry to top it off.

75 ml zero alcohol Aperitif 
50 ml Fresh Cranberry
25 ml Fresh Grapefruit
15 ml Freshly squeezed lime
1 dash of Angostura Bitters
  1. Stir ingredients with ice. Strain and serve neat.
  2. Garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

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