A Guide to Monday Distillery Alcohol-Free Drinks

Jun 27, 2021

Monday founder Sam Manning used her background in botanicals and beverages to develop a range of drinks that have the taste, vibe and emotional connection of classic drinks such as G&T, Dark & Stormy and Whisky & Dry without the alcohol.

A bottle of Monday Distillery non-alcoholic spirit on a tray and a woman holding a mocktail

Monday Distillery are an Australian ‘New Age Beverage Company’ revolutionising the way that people socialise. By offering sophisticated, all natural non-alcoholic, sugar-free alternatives to alcohol, Monday turns the question all non-drinkers face from, ‘why are you drinking that?’ to ‘oh, can I have a sip?’ 

Monday Distillery drinks don’t just taste like the classic alcoholic cocktails they are inspired by, they are also all sugar free, preservative free, vegan and free from artificial flavours and additives. 

Monday Distillery Range lined up

Here is my guide to the delicious range. 

1. Classic G&T

Boasting the aroma, mouthfeel and taste of a traditional Dry Gin & Tonic, this is perfectly premixed and ready to drink. Expect a balance of aromatic juniper, zesty citrus, rosemary and sea salt.

Serve over ice with a slice of lemon, lime or a sprig of rosemary.

What are people saying? “This is a wonderful aperitif - it's light, refreshing, almost calorie free and tastes like a real gin and tonic. It's a game changer!”

2. Exotic Spice G&T

This spicy take on the classic gin mocktail will transport you straight to Marrakesh. Crafted with classic gin botanicals including juniper berry, lemon and lime, this drink has been given a exotic twist with aromatic cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom.  

Serve over ice and add a cinnamon stick for extra impact.

What are people saying?It has an intense spice that tingles the lips and is very moreish.”

3. Dark & Stormy Spiced Rum

With all the mood of a Dark & Stormy, this classic rum mocktail perfectly blends the zing of fiery ginger beer with a hit of citrus and undernotes of spiced rum.

Serve over ice with a wedge of lime.

What are people saying? “Wonderfully complex flavour makes for a seriously adult drink.”

4. Dram & Dry

Non alcoholic whiskey can be tricky to get right, but this one, based on a classic Whiskey & Dry whiskey mocktail is a smooth blend of whiskey inspired smokey malt and mellow dry ginger ale. The undertones of wooded whisky and the tang of ginger ale give this beverage a dry yet thirst-quenching finish.

 Serve on the rocks or straight up.

What are people saying? “I like this one best!”

5. Dram Sour

The Dram Sour is a sophisticated blend of whiskey inspired smokey malt and native Kakadu plum. With aromas of sweet strawberry, subtle musk tones and notes of finely-aged whiskey this drink tastes just like the real thing.

 Serve on the rocks or straight up.

What are people saying? “Really enjoyable, nice fizz, great smell and flavour.”

6. Paloma

This dynamic Latin tequila inspired mocktail blends the flavours of tart grapefruit, passion fruit, zesty yuzu and finger lime with a non-alcoholic tequila.

Serve over ice with a wedge of lime.

What are people saying?I love the freshness of the yuzu and citrus. Definitely a winner on a hot afternoon.” 

7. Mezcalita

This rustic Mezcal-margarita blends mouth watering peach soda, mandarin and finger lime with non-alcoholic mezcal to create a lip-smacking smokey fruit punch. Serve over ice with a wedge of orange. 

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