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Top 4 Tips for a Month Without Alcohol

Whether you are going dry in July, or planning a break from booze, cutting out alcohol can be really daunting. But getting through a month without alcohol isn’t as hard as you might think.

A month without alcohol doesn’t have to be a big deal. Here are my top 4  strategies to not only survive, but thrive without alcohol.

1. Stock up on alcohol-free alternatives

Puppy dog and picnic basket with non-alcoholic drinks

For many of us, having an alcoholic drink is a bit of a ritual. Whether it’s cracking open a beer, mixing a G&T or pouring a generous glass of wine, the ritual is almost as important as the drink itself. When you’re cutting back on alcohol it’s a good idea to create some new, alcohol free rituals that will help you unwind and relax.
For some people it can be a cup of tea, or even a kombucha, but if you’re looking for an easy swap, alcohol-free beer, alcohol-free wine and alcohol free-spirits can be revolutionary. These drinks taste just like the alcoholic versions you’re used to. In fact, some of my customers have found the alcohol-free drinks so convincing that they’ve made long-term changes to their drinking habits. 

2. Alcohol-free socialising

Alcohol-free socialising

With many pubs, restaurants and bars now offering a range of alcohol-free drinks, you might not feel the need to avoid your social habits. However, many people find that just walking into a pub brings on beer cravings, so to make going-without booze a little easier, it might be a good idea to change up the way you socialise.
Try socialising while you’re doing something active – thus removing the temptation to have an alcoholic drink. You could organise a coffee catch up, walk and talk or meet a friend for a yoga or Pilates class.
Another good tip is to meet friends early in the day. Go to for a slap-up breakfast at a local café – alcohol will be the last thing you’re thinking about.

3. Pre-plan major events 

Big celebrations and alcohol often go hand in hand, so if you’re celebrating during your alcohol-free month, it’s a good idea to plan ahead so that you don’t feel pressured into having a drink.
Alcohol-free drinks really come into their own on special occasions so ensuring that there will be some alcohol-free sparkling wine or beer on hand is a great way to celebrate sans the booze.

You might also find it helpful to tell people that you won’t be drinking before you see them in person. A quick text that says ‘by the way I’m going dry in July’ can avoid any awkward peer pressure. You might even find you inspire your friends to join in the challenge.

4. Enjoy the benefits of alcohol-free

Sleep better without alcohol

There are so many benefits to giving up alcohol. Once you start to notice them, you’ll feel more motivated to continue with your period of abstinence.

Many people notice within days of cutting out alcohol that they are sleeping better and have more energy. After a month without alcohol you might also notice weight loss, better memory and a general feeling of happiness.

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