Sober Sex - Why it's a thing!

Aug 31, 2021

Ahead of World Sexual Health Day (September 4th) Sans Drinks founder, I’d like to start a conversation about the negative impact that alcohol has on our sex lives.
Isiah McKimmie

Alcohol has a reputation for being a bit of an aphrodisiac, however, research shows that too much alcohol actually puts a bit of a dampener on your sex life by reducing sexual sensitivity.

To understand more about the benefits of sober sex, I talked to couple’s therapist, sexologist, and coach Isiah McKimmie, pictured above. Lots of Sans Drinks customers tell me that since cutting back on alcohol they’ve had better sex and intimacy. This doesn’t surprise Isiah.

“While alcohol might temporarily lower inhibitions, it’s not a good long-term strategy for having great sex.

"Having sex sober has many advantages including the potential for closer intimacy with a partner, increased sensation and valuable conversations about what you really enjoy,” she explains.

Two people enjoying a sexy date night while drinking non-alcoholic wine

Of course, if you’re not used to it, sober sex can take a bit of getting used to.

“I’ve worked with many clients who’ve realised once they stopped drinking that they’d never had sober sex. It can take some getting used to - sex can be confronting without your inhibitions lowered, but the long-term effects are worth it,” says Isiah.

She continues: “Take some time to feel comfortable in your body, learn communication tools for asking for what you want and being intimate with a partner.  

For some people, drinking alcohol can also lead to risky behaviour. Research commissioned by Sans Drinks found that 51 per cent of Australians have done something they regret while under the influence of alcohol.

Likewise, nearly a third (30 per cent) have messaged an ex-partner while under the influence of alcohol, with the majority living to regret it. “I’m surprised it wasn’t a higher percentage who regretted it,” Isiah tells me.

“Be very careful texting an ex under the influence. It’s easy to say things that you don’t really mean or later regret,” she adds.

Of course, you don’t have this issue when you’re drinking non-alcoholic drinks. What you do have is an opportunity to create intimate settings for sober sex - and because they're alc-free, you'll experience the benefits of full sensitivity - and have no regrets. 

5 sexy non-alc drinks for your sober date night 

Two people enjoying a sexy date night while drinking non-alcoholic wine

Thomson & Scott Noughty

The taste: "Noughty has the aroma and mouthfeel of a good French champagne. It is an elegant pale colour with a dry and crisp with plenty of fine bubbles. 
What customers are saying: "Looks like champagne, smells like champagne, beautiful fine bubbles like champagne . . . and a crisp dry taste." 

Wildlife Botanicals: Sparkling Blush 

The taste: The blush sparkling evokes rosehip tea and strawberries along with Cornish orchard fruits and is packed with plant powered benefits. 

What customers are saying: "My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed this Champagne, it has been the best for us so far! I would definitely recommend it!"

Odd Bird Blanc de Blancs

 The taste: Made with French Chardonnay grapes, this French style Blanc de Blancs is crisp, dry, fresh and well balanced, with a fruity aroma featuring apple, melon, and a subtle note of citrus.
What customers are saying: "This drink felt like we were drinking real champagne, without the alcohol taste, it was so lovely!"

Newblood Shiraz 

The taste: Newblood has all the aroma, flavour, and mouthfeel of a traditional Australian full-bodied Shiraz, with hints of oak, blood plum and dark chocolate, rich tannins and a smooth finish.
What customers are saying: "My new favourite non alcoholic red. It came recommended and did not disappoint, it has depth of flavour that i haven't found in others."

Lyre's G&T

The taste: This G&T has all the classic notes of citrus, juniper and highly refreshing tonic, simply chill and pour and enjoy. Add to ice in a highball glass and add a wedge of lime. 

What customers are saying: "These are fantastic, I could easily sit and drink them over and over again with just a squeeze of lime. Delicious!" 

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