Five Surprising Facts About Beer

Aug 06, 2021

To celebrate International Beer Day, we've pulled together some surprising facts about the amber nector.
A woman holding a four pack of heaps normal non-alcoholic beer

From ancient Egypt to the here and now, people of all walks of life have loved beer. After all, after water, beer is the second most famous drink of all time. Beer enjoys a long and interesting history, but there are still plenty of facts about beer that might surprise you.  

1. The oldest beer recipe is over 4,000 years old

An Egyption clay tablet, that dates back to 3100-3000 BC, is thought to depict an early beer recipe. According to The British Museum, the symbol for beer is "an upright jar with pointed base,". 

Meanwhile, Western Iran shows evidence of beer making dating back as far as 3,500 BC. And, the oldest known brewery in the world is the Weihenstephan brewery in, Germany. It was founded in 1040. 

2. Women were the first professional beer brewers 

Women were in charge of brewing beer in ancient Egypt, in fact, there were even laws in place, banning men from selling or making beer. 

Over time, as the economy transitioned from agriculture-based to industry-based, beer became more commercial and transitioned to a profession mainly undertaken by men.

It's great to see that women are making big waves in the beer industry again. In fact in the alc-free world, women like Jaz Wearin from Nort are doing amazing things. 

Jaz Wearin drinking Nort non-alcoholic beer

3. In the past, beer has been served hot 

And not just because it's been sitting in the sun for too long. In the 17th century, warm ale provided heat and could even replace a meal. People believed that warm, malty beverages are more "healthful."

4. There are hundreds of styles of beer.

While there are two major categories of beer, ale and lager, there are hundreds of beer varieties. They all differ in terms of ingredients and yeast fermentation in the brewing process.

In terms of alcohol-free beer, you can find Pale Ale, Lager, Sports Beer, Stout, Gluten Free, Low Gluten and many others in the Sans Drinks store

Glasses filled with non-alcoholic beer

5. Alc-Free beer is the fastest growing beer trend ever 

There have been lots of beer trends over the years, but the fastest growing trend ever is the rise of alc-free beer. 

New alc-free beers are coming to market all the time. Here are the latest new kids on the block. 


The blurb: Parc is made by Melbourne based Monceau, who specialise in delicious, sophisticated alc-free beverages. 

The taste: Brewed in the Chech style, from high quality Carapils and Munich malts, fresh Saaz hops and a special ultra-low-alcohol yeast, this aromatic pilsner is crisp, clean and refreshing, with bitter, hoppy notes. 

Worth noting: Only 15 calories per 100ml and free from additives and preservatives.

Lowtide Brune-DMC

The blurb: Based in the UK, The Lowtide Brewing Co are on a mission to create unique beers with unrivalled flavour.

The taste: This dark, aromatic ale is a fresh take on traditional Belgian abbey beer. Made with Saaz and Goldings hops, Brune-DMC has a sweet, fruity flavour. 

Worth noting: Vegan friendly, this beer is only 14 calories per 100ml. 

Bridge Road Freetime Pale Ale

The blurb: Crafted by Bridge Road Brewers, Free Time is their first non-alcoholic brew created to embrace the alcohol-free movement.

The taste: This pale ale has a juicy hop aroma crafted with a combination of Citra, Simcoe and Enigma, with a low bitter profile and clean finish.

Worth noting: Low in sugar and only 22 calories per 100ml. 

Holgate Brewhouse Love All Pale Ale

The blub: The Holgate Brewhouse have been brewing craft beer in Melbourne since 1999. 

The taste: With a sweet, biscuity malt flavour and hoppy aromas, this beer is Dry and refreshing

Worth noting: Lower in calories than traditional craft beer.  

Maisel's Alkohol Frei Wheat Beer

The blurb: The Maisel Family are famous for their Bavarian beer. 

The taste: This complex beer has a mild, spicy aroma, and flavours featuring malt, fruit, clove and a hint of nutmeg.

Worth noting: Isotonic, rich in vitamins and only 26 calories per 100ml.

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