Life is better in the pink! Noughty Rose & Uberkate

Aug 06, 2021

To celebrate the launch of Noughty Rose, I'm collaborating with Uberkate to give you and your best friend a case of wine and matching rose quartz rings.
Two bottles of Thomson and Scott Noughty Rose

They say that life is better in pink and right now, with the launch of Thomson & Scott Noughty Rose, I couldn't agree more. 

But Noughty Rose isn't my only favourite sort or pink. I am also a big fan of Uberkate's stunning blush quartz jewellery. 

Like Sans Drinks' flagship alcohol-free bottle shop, Uberkate is based in Sydney's Northern Beaches. And, also like Sans Drinks, is female led - Kate Sutton (pictured below) has developed Uberkate from a dream into a thriving, aspirational brand. 

Uberkate started making jewellery in 2003 and they are all about female empowerment. Encouraging women to #BuyYourOwnDambRing. Drawing inspiration from the natural powers of the gemstones they cut and set, the Uberkate collection is both beautiful and symbolic. 

Kate Sutton wearing Uberkate rings

The blush quartz is my favourite gem, and just like Noughty Rose it is a delicate shade of pink.

Blush Quartz is widely known as a stone of great power and amplifies any energy or intention, so it's great for manifesting what you desire. Quartz is also used to protect against negativity, connect you to your higher self, and it's believed to relieve both physical and emotional pain. 

To celebrate the launch of Noughty Rose, I'm collaborating with Uberkate to give one customer a case of Noughty Rose and two stunning blush quartz everyday gemstone rings - one for you and one for your best friend.

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